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Bet on 2012 OlympicsBoxing is into the 2nd round at the 2012 London Olympics and I have been watching these very exciting fights online.  The boxing is quite different than professional boxing with the fighters scoring points for every punch that lands on target (hits the body or head and is not blocked).  So the goal is to connect punches in Olympics boxing and the results come down to the judges who score the punches each round.

I have been betting on the 2012 Olympics boxing matches at  They are offering odds on every boxing match in these Olympics and the odds are very fair.  Like all online bookies promoted here at, Sports Interaction is a reputable sportsbook that is trusted in the industry.

Betting On Olympics Boxing Online

The betting on boxing at these London Olympics is very simple.  You simply can wager on which boxer will win the fight.  There are no prop bets or anything fancy.  It’s simply a money line bet as to which fighter wins.  Here is an example:

Carlos Gongora 2.62
Vatan Huseynli 1.44

In this fight Huseynli would be the favorite and a $100 bet on him would payout $144 ($44 profit).  On the other hand a $100 bet on Gongora would payout $262 ($162 profit).

How To Bet On Olympics Boxing

First you will need to open an account at Sports Interaction to start placing bets.  Click here to open an account.  Sports Interaction doesn’t accept Americans, so if you are from the States I suggest betting at

Next you will need to make a deposit to have money online with which to bet.  If you sign up to Sports Interaction through our link you will receive a 100% matching bonus up to $125 so it may be smart to deposit at least $125 to get the full bonus amount.

Now to find the boxing bets at Sports Interaction click on Olympics and then Combat Sports and the boxing odds will be there ready for betting.

Watching the fights is great and making money off of them is even better.  Visit now to bet on the fights and check out the official boxing Olympics page to keep up with the boxing tournaments at the London Olympics.

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