Bet On 2012 Summer Olympics Beach Volleyball

Bet on 2012 OlympicsBeach volleyball has become one of the more exciting spectator sports at the Olympics since it was included as a demonstration event in 1992.  There are only Men`s and Women`s beach volleyball tournaments, so there will be 2 gold medals up for grabs in this event at London 2012.  The Americans have done very well since the 1996 games, winning 5 of the 8 gold medals given out, including both the Men’s and Women’s events in Beijing.

The best place to bet on the 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball tournaments is at if you are from the United States and if you reside elsewhere.  Each of these bookies offers a ton of Olympics betting options and each are highly regarded in the industry.

2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball Winner Odds

Here are the odds for the 5 favorites to win the Women’s Beach Volleyball from

  • Franca/Silva (Brazil) 3.75
  • Treanor/Walsh (USA) 3.75
  • Zhang/Xue (China) 4.00
  • Antunes/Antonelli (Brazil) 10.00
  • Kessy/Ross (USA) 12.00

Here are the odds for the favorites to win the Men’s tournament:

  • Cerutti/Rego (Brazil) 3.50
  • Rogers/Dalhausser (USA) 4.50
  • Gibb/Rosenthal (USA) 5.25
  • Ricardo/Cunha (Brazil) 8.00
  • Brink/Reckerman (Germany) 12.00 is also taking bets on every individual beach volleyball match at these Olympics. You can place wagers on the winner of the match, the first set winner and over/under on the total points in the match. is a great spectator sport and having a wager on the match makes the points that much more exciting. It’s also true that the oddsmakers don’t have as much knowledge on beach volleyball so it may be possible to find some sharp bets throughout the tournament.

How To Bet

The first step to placing a bet on the 2012 Summer Olympics Beach Volleyball tournaments is to open an online betting account. I recommend ( for Americans) because they offer a wide variety of beach volleyball odds and offer bets on every Olympics sport. Many other online bookies aren’t taking bets on every Olymipcs sport because they don’t feel that they have enough knowledge to break even with their lines on the event. Click here to visit and open an account.

Next you should make a deposit using one of the many banking options available at

You will find the beach volleyball odds under the Olympics 2012 tab at Then scroll down to beach volleyball to place your bets. Keep up with the tournament and all of the matches at the official Olympics website.

This is going to be an exciting couple weeks and I for one will be watching a lot of beach volleyball.

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