Bet On 2014 Global StarCraft II League January 22

StarCraft II Betting OnlineI was looking through the special bets tabs at when an E-Sports option grabbed my eye.  Now I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about StarCraft II, but I know how huge it is in Korea and I have heard that the professional gaming is gaining traction in North America as well.  A few of my friends watch these high profile matches online from time to time, so I have heard of some of these players, but I will not be making any predictions in this post because it would really be a shot in the dark.

That said, considering is a site that focuses on your ability to bet on nearly anything online, I thought this was a great opportunity to showcase a lesser known event to traditional punters.

Match Odds for 2014 Global StarCraft II League – Jan. 22

Once again, these odds were found at by clicking on the ‘Specials’ tab in the left sidebar, followed by the ‘World’ tab and the ‘E-Sports’ tab.

  • Life 1.36 vs ParalyzE 3.00
  • Squirtle 1.36 vs sKyHigh 3.00
  • INnoVation 1.50 vs Zest 2.50
  • herO 1.25 vs Stork 3.75

I did a quick search around the internet and found this great page with a lot of information on this StarCraft II league event.  It looks like Life, ParalyzE, sKyHigh and Squirtle are in Group H, while the others are in Group G of the tournament.  This is actually a fairly early round of the tournament, so things will heat up as we get deeper.

I’m sure that will have odds available for all of the group matches and the subsequent later rounds, so if you’re interested in this stuff that’s as good a place as any to place your wagers.

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