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Bet on 2012 OlympicsHandball is a sport that generally gets almost no attention from sports bettors, but that is the beauty of the Olympics.  Here at the Summer Olympic Games in London, handball will be one of the many sports that comes to the forefront and gains interest.  You may even feel the need to bet on either the men’s or women’s handball tournaments at the Olympics, so this post should explain how to do so. is our recommended online sportsbook for betting on the handball events at the Summer Olympics.  Bet365 offers fair outright winner odds for the tournament and also has a wide variety of bets available for both the entire tournament and each individual game.  Bet365 is of course a highly regarded online bookie, like all others you will find promoted here at

Olympic Handball Winner Odds

Here are the odds to win the gold medal for both the Men and Women at the Summer Olympics from

Men’s Handball Winner

  • France 2.75
  • Denmark 4.00
  • Croatia 5.00
  • Spain 5.00
  • Iceland 15.00
  • Serbia 26.00
  • Sweden 26.00
  • Hungary 26.00
  • South Korea 101.00
  • Argentina 501.00
  • Tunisia 501.00
  • Great Britain 10001.00

In Beijing France took home the gold, while Iceland and Spain took the silver and bronze respectively. France has also won the 2009 and 2011 Handball World Championships, with Denmark finishing 2nd in 2011 and Croatia finishing 2nd in 2009.

Womens Handball Winner

  • Norway 2.25
  • Russia 3.75
  • France 5.50
  • Montenegro 6.50
  • Spain 21.00
  • Sweden 31.00
  • Denmark 31.00
  • South Korea 34.00
  • Brazil 41.00
  • Croatia 41.00
  • Angola 401.00
  • Great Britain 10001.00

In Beijing Norway took the gold medal, while Russia and South Korea battled to the silver and bronze respectively. Denmark however won the previous 3 Olympic golds so it will be interesting to see if they can bounce back in London. Norway also won the 2011 World Championships, so they are definitely the team to beat.

Other Betting Options has some other great betting options for the handball event at the Olympics.  In terms of betting on the tournament as a whole you can also bet on the winner of each group (there are 2 groups in each tournament) and the stage of elimination of each team.

You can also of course bet on each game throughout the tournament.  The main bet on each game will be the 1X2 line where you can bet on the outcome of the game.  Here is an example:

Hungary 4.00
Denmark 1.33
Tie 12.00

There are also many other bets you can make on individual games, such as handicap betting (Denmark would be a 2.5 goal favorite in that game), total goals in the game, the team to score first, race to different numbers of goals and more.  Visit to see everything you can bet on in the handball event.

How To Bet Online

Betting on the handball event at the 2012 Summer Olympics is very easy.  First you should open an account at

After that you must fund your account by making a deposit using one of the many deposit methods available at

Now you are ready to bet.  You will find the handball bets by clicking on the Olympics 2012 link in the left sidebar of the Bet365 sportsbook.  From there you will have to scroll down quite a distance past the other Olympic sports to find handball.  Then go ahead and place your bets!

Keep up with the 2012 Olympics Handball tournament or check out the history of the event at Wikipedia.


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