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Bet On The X Factor Season 2The X Factor USA is in it’s second season and we have gone through the judging stages and are now left with the final 12 who will begin making America love them as they sing for votes and a $5,000,000 prize.  Some audience favorites went home last week as the odds for the singers drastically changed.  In fact both Diamond White and Willie Jones, who had the 2nd and 3rd shortest odds last week (5/1 and 6/1) were both eliminated from the competition by their judges.  Now with 12 left let’s take a look at the odds:

X Factor USA Winner Odds

Here are the odds found at, our recommended bookie for Americans betting on the X Factor USA:

  • Carly Rose Sonenclar 7/4
  • Emblem3 5/2
  • LYLAS 8/1
  • Vino Alan 10/1
  • CeCe Fray 12/1
  • Jennel Garcia 12/1
  • Beatrice Miller 14/1
  • Paige Thomas 18/1
  • Lyric 145 20/1
  • Tate Stevens 20/1
  • Arin Ray 33/1
  • Jason Brock 50/1

Visit to see the up to date odds right now. If you are a Canadian resident then you should check out the odds at because Bovada is only open to Americans.


I have been watching this season of X Factor throughout the season and I have to agree with Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem3 as being the early favorites to win the competition. Carly Rose has the best voice in the competition, but I don’t think she comes off as quite likable enough and I think this will ultimately be her downfall later on. Emblem3 doesn’t have a care in the world and they have the talent and the image to go far in this competition. I think they can win it, with the only problem being it is always hard for a group to get votes. That said Emblem3 has their own identity and I see them as the frontrunners at this point. The other contestants who I think are good bets at this point include CeCe Fray at 12/1, Jennel Garcia at 12/1 and Lyric 145 at 20/1.

I have Emblem3 as my favorite. Here is their audition:

How To Bet On X Factor USA Season 2

As mentioned earlier if you are from the United States you should bet on the competition at Click that link to visit the site and click on the ‘Join Now’ button to create an account. Use Bovada referral number 3178530 to receive a big $250 bonus on your first deposit that you can use to bet on the contestant of your choice. After you have made your deposit you will find the X Factor odds under the Entertainment and Film/Television Props tabs in the left sidebar of the Bovada sportsbook.

If you are from Canada follow the same instructions expect click here to sign up at At Sports Interaction you will find the odds under ‘Specials’ and ‘Entertainment’.

The odds can change drastically up until the finale so be sure to keep a tab on the odds at either sportsbook and to see if there are any great bets.

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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2 Responses to “Bet On The 2012 X Factor USA Winner”

  1. I think it’s hard to bet on who will win the show. There’s so much that can happen within the show that a hopeful can be sent home. That’s what I like about The X Factor and other reality shows since there’s no guarantee who will be around from one round to the next. I love watching the latest episode of The X Factor and some of the others on primetime too. I really enjoy watching all my shows using my PrimeTime Anytime feature. I used to miss lots of my shows until I upgraded to the Hopper DVR, after my coworker at DISH suggested it. I had so many events recording my family could never watch TV which never made them happy. Now I use one TV for all four of the major networks and my family gets to enjoy their shows too. We’ve been able to enjoy more TV, and that’s what matters the most.

  2. Even though that was a long advertisement I’m going to allow the comment. Because I agree that anything can happen from one week to the next on X Factor. But that’s also what makes it so much fun to bet on. And if you pick a long shot, they are never out of it until they go home.

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