When signing up for a new account at Sports Interaction there is a Refer-a-Friend Code option given at the bottom of the page.  It would look something like this:

SIA refer a friend code

I’m writing this page with the assumption that you are currently on that sign up page and are about to make an account with Sports Interaction.

Stop Right There!

I’m going to start this page by explaining how to get the best Sports Interaction bonus and then I will add some explanations of the Refer-A-Friend Code at the bottom of the page.

Sports Interaction’s Bonus Differences

Sports Interaction is weird in that they offer regular new players who find their site a 10% matching bonus up to $100.  If you are signing up to Sports Interaction right now there is a good chance that is the bonus you are currently set to receive.

Sports Interaction values sites that promote them (such as the one you are on right now) so much that they allow us to offer a better bonus to players who sign up through one of our links.

If you sign up for a Sports Interaction account through a link here at BetOnIt.org you will trigger a 100% matching bonus up to $125.

**Just to give you an idea of the difference between the two.  Right now if you sign up without going through our link you will receive a $12.50 bonus if you deposit $125.  If you do go through our link you will receive a $125 bonus if you deposit $125.

Enough explaining the benefits and on to how you do it.

3 Steps To The Better Bonus

Step 1. Close your current Sports Interaction sign up page and all pages you have open associated with Sports Interaction.

Step 2. Click here to visit SportsInteraction.com and trigger the 100% bonus up to $125.  When you click that link you will see the landing page that proves the different bonus you are now entitled to.

Step 3. Make your deposit and see the extra cash in your account!  You’re welcome!

**Any link you find pointing to SportsInteraction.com here at BetOnIt.org will trigger this $125 bonus.

Refer-A-Friend Code Information

Now on to the refer-a-friend code information if that’s what you were looking for.  You can go ahead and enter a Refer-a-Friend code when signing up and it will not affect your $125 bonus.  You don’t personally get any benefit from entering a code, but your friend can get an added bonus. The friend whose username you enter will receive a bonus equal to 20% of your deposit up to $200.

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