Aussie Rules Football

The AFL (Australian Football League) is the top professional Aussie rules football league in the world.  Fans from Australia and all over the world follow their teams on a daily basis and bet on AFL matches throughout the season.  The AFL currently has 18 teams spread across Australia and the season takes place from March to September.  The top 8 teams after the season battle it out in the finals series which culminates in the AFL Grand Final for the premiership cup.

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How To Bet On The AFL Online

If you are a knowledgeable AFL fan then you should get started right away betting on AFL matches online.  To start betting you first need to sign up an account by visiting one of the sportsbooks listed above and following the registration instructions.  After you have signed up (only takes a few minute) you can go ahead and deposit the funds that you will be wagering with.  I also suggest you check out the sportsbooks bonus offer so that you can get the biggest bonus possible at the sportsbook you choose.  There are a wide variety of deposit methods available so getting money online shouldn’t be an issue.  Now that you have money online you are ready to bet on the AFL!  Head over to the Aussie rules betting section of the sportsbook to find the AFL betting lines.

Types of AFL Bets

Money line betting is the most common bet on AFL matches.  It involves wagering on which team will win the game outright.  The amount you can win from each outcome depends on the odds associated with each team winning the game.

Futures bets are also very popular in the AFL.  You can wager on which team will win the Grand Final throughout the course of the season, as well as if a team will finish in the top 8 and make the playoffs.

AFL Betting Odds

Here is an example of an AFL money line wager using decimal odds.

Fremantle 2.15
Geelong 1.68

With decimal odds it is very easy to find the payout for a wager.  You simply multiply the wager amount by the decimal odds of the given outcome to find the potential payout.  So if you wagered $100 on Fremantle you would receive $215 if they won the game, which is a $115 profit.  Geelong is the favourites though and if you wagered $100 on Geelong the payout would be $168 if they won the game for a $68 profit.

To learn more about the AFL check out the official AFL website or the AFL Wikipedia page.