Fantasy Sports BettingFantasy Sports betting has been around for a long time, but it is typically thought of as a season long endeavor.  A few key injuries early in the season and your team is basically done for the year.  Daily fantasy sports leagues are the alternative nowadays, with FanDuel leading the pack.  Every day there are a lot of games being played you get to play on fantasy sports, but just for that one night.  After that night is finished so is your league and the winnings are paid out right away.  Then you can start planning your team for the next night.  Expect betting on daily fantasy sports to take off in the near future, especially because the government has deemed it a skill game so it is legal and easy to get money online, with even Paypal being allowed.

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How To Bet On Fantasy Sports

Betting on fantasy sports at FanDuel is fairly straight forward, but because this daily fantasy sports betting is fairly new here is a step by step guide to signing up at playing your first game.

Bet On Fantasy Sports – Step By Step Sign Up Guide

  1. Register an Account at FanDuelVisit and set up an account.  This only takes a second and the sign up form is easily viewable on the FanDuel homepage.
  2. Fund Your Account – FanDuel actually accepts paypal payments, which makes funding your account very easy.  Of course you can also use a credit card to make your deposit.
  3. Find Your League – Select which league you want to join for that nights action.  Some examples include an NHL $65k cap league with 5 teams or an NFL head-to-head league with a $55k cap.
  4. Pick Your Players – Pick your players and submit and your team is in.

How It Works – Picking Players

At Fan Duel you can join a variety of daily leagues.  Some leagues are head-to-head where your team battles against one other player, some are 5-team or 10-team and it is even possible to enter huge daily leagues where the prize can be up to $12,000.

In each league you will have to pick players that are performing that night.  For example, if you are playing in a daily NHL fantasy sports league at Fan Duel you would select 2 left wing, 2 right wing, 2 centers, 2 defensemen and 1 goalie.  Similarly, in a weekly NFL league you would pick a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D.

Player Salaries (Salary Cap League)

Each player that you select has a salary and your total team salary cannot go over the salary cap for your league.  For example, in the NHL, Sidney Crosby has the highest salary at $9,900, while in the NFL Arian Foster has the highest salary at $9,900. The salary cap for each team can vary from $45k to $65k depending on the daily league that you are joining.

How It Works – Scoring

The object is to finish with a higher fantasy score than your opponents.  The scoring is somewhat complex and you should visit to learn the scoring for the sport that you are interested in betting on.

Fantasy Sports Betting Tips

  • Pick Undervalued Players – The salaries of the players are not updated too frequently so it is possible to find players who have been performing well of late with very low salaries.  These players should be the base for your team and then you can use whatever funds you have left to pick some stars.
  • Know Who Is Playing – Do not pick injured players or players who have been sent down.  These players will still be available to be picked and it is your responsibility to know who is playing that night in order to prevent throwing money away.
  • Join Leagues Rather Than Create – The later you join a league the more information you have that the players who have already joined do not.  If a league gets created early in the morning then joining late could give you the benefit of knowing which goaltenders are starting for each team or which players are sitting out with a minor injury or the flu.

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