Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is a very popular professional sport in European countries and like every sport that is popular there are people who want to bet on it.  That being said it can be difficult to find volleyball betting lines for the games that you are interested in betting on.  I have done the research and found the best three sportsbooks for betting on volleyball online.  Each of the bookies listed below are trusted and reputable online sportsbooks that also offer a wide variety of volleyball betting options.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Volleyball

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How To Bet On Volleyball Online

Betting on volleyball online is very easy and if you follow the simple three step plan laid out below you will be placing your volleyball bets in no time.

Bet On Volleyball – Step By Step Guide

1. Open an Online Sportbook Account – The three sportsbooks outlined above are the top three volleyball sportsbooks online.  I highly recommend signing up at one of those sites because they are all well respected and offer a wide variety of volleyball betting options.  To sign up click on one of the sportsbook links and follow the instructions on the site to open an account.  Registration only takes a second and you will only need to provide basic information such as your name and email address.

2. Fund Your Account – Now that you have created an account you will need to get some money online in order to place your wagers.  Head over to the cashier section of your chosen sportsbook and choose to make a deposit.  There will be many deposit methods to choose from including credit card and various e-wallets so getting money online should not be a problem.  If you run into difficulties contact customer support and they will be eager to help.

3. Place Your Volleyball Bets – Now it’s time to bet.  Find the volleyball betting section of the sportsbook and and start to win money betting on volleyball online.

Types of Volleyball Bets

The majority of volleyball matches will only offer the basic money line betting option, which  involves simply wagering on which team will win the match.  Here is an example:

Resovia Rzeszow -556
Ach Volley +350

In this example Resovia Rzeszow is a big favourite and to win $100 betting on them you must wager $556.  Ach Volley is the underdog and a $100 bet on them wins $350 if they pull out the upset.

The higher profile volleyball matches will have other betting options such as set betting, handicap betting and total points betting.

Set betting involves wagering on which team will win a given set.  Handicap betting gives a spread on the number of sets the favourite must win by for a handicap bet on the favourite to payout and vice versa.  Total points betting involves wagering on the total number of points to be scored in a set or match.  The sportsbook will provide an over/under number and you can wager on whether more or fewer than that number of points will be scored.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Here are a few tips to help you make some cash betting on volleyball online.

  • Compare Lines – I suggest you open an account at all three of the recommended volleyball sportsbooks found above so that you can compare lines on every game you decide to bet on.  The different in odds for volleyball can be very significant so to help you make a profit you want to ensure that you find the best line every time.
  • Do Research – Volleyball is one sport you can bet on where often times you can be a better handicapper than the oddsmaker.  Because less people bet on volleyball than on the more popular sporting events you can often find sharp lines if you do your research and use the information to your benefit.

To learn more about the sport check out the volleyball Wikipedia page.