Americans who sign up a new account with are given the option to enter a Bovada referral code at the bottom of the registration page.  When you enter a referral code you are tracked to an affiliate, which will guarantee that you receive the best possible bonus available at Bovada when you make your initial deposit.

Bovada Sportsbook

The best bonus currently available at is a 50% up to $250 free play bonus, which you will be guaranteed to receive if you enter a valid Bovada referral code.

The Bovada referral code used to track players to us here at is ‘3178530‘.

If you sign up to through a link found here at you will not see the ‘Referral Code’ field on the registration page.  This is completely normal.  If you don’t see a ‘Referral Code’ field it means you are already tracked to an affiliate, which guarantees you the bonus.

Bovada Referral Code

For more information on the Bovada sportsbook including more detailed bonus information and promotions check out our Bovada review page.

Where Do I Enter the Bovada Referral Code?

When you are opening a new Bovada account you will have to fill out a registration page that includes basic information about yourself including your name, email and more.  At the bottom of this registration page there will be a field called ‘How did you hear about us?’.  Below that field you will see a ‘Referral Code’ field if you are not currently tracked to an affiliate.  Enter 3178530 in this field to make sure you receive your $250 bonus.

How Do I Receive My Bonus?

After you’ve signed up, entering the Bovada referral code ‘3178530’ at registration you can proceed to the cashier section and make a deposit.  If you make a deposit of $500 or more you will receive the maximum $250 in free bets.  You are then able to use these ‘free bets’ instead of your actual cash when placing bets.