If you want to bet on baseball, the best place to do it is at an online betting site.  Online sportsbooks are now the most common way to place baseball bets worldwide with local bookies and government run programs just not cutting it.  To bet on baseball, sign up at a reputable and trusted online sportsbook, like any betting site listed here at BetOnIt.org.  The odds are better than government run programs, the sites are safer than local bookies, there are sign up bonuses available and betting online is the most convenient way to bet on baseball.

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How To Bet On Baseball Online

Betting on baseball online couldn’t be easier.  Here is a simple three step guide you can follow to place your baseball bets online within minutes:

  1. Join A Betting Site – Simply sign up at any of our recommended online sportsbooks listed above (they are trusted and offer the best baseball betting odds and betting variety).  Signing up at a sportsbook only takes a second and you will only be asked for basic information such as your name and email address.
  2. Deposit – After you’ve signed up you will need to get money online in order to bet on baseball.  Credit card deposits are the most common and generally the easiest, but most sportsbooks will accept a wide range of deposit methods including bitcoin, e-wallets or bank transfers.
  3. Place Your Baseball Bets – Once your account is funded go ahead and start betting on baseball.  There are always plenty of games to choose from. Find the Baseball section at your sportsbook, select the team you want to bet on, enter your wager amount on the Bet Slip, and click ‘Place Bet’ to lock in the bet.

Types of Baseball Bets

There are many options to choose from when it comes to betting on baseball online.

Money Line

Moneyline wagers are the most popular type of bet because they simply involve betting on which team will win the game (the payouts vary based on the odds).

Run Line

Another popular baseball bet is the run line wager.  This bet is similar to the spread when betting on football or basketball, in that it gives the underdog a handicap of a certain number of runs.  The favourite must then win by more than the run line and the underdog must either win the game outright or lose by fewer runs than the run line.


Some other popular baseball bets include total runs (over/under on the total number of runs that will be scored in the game) and team total runs (same as total runs, but for just one team).

Here is an example showing the run line, money line and total odds from BetOnline.ag:

Prop Bets

Prop bets are also popular baseball bets, with prop betting as a whole starting to take a larger percentage of MLB betting handle, especially with the emergence and popularity of same game parlays.  Some typical baseball prop bets include which team will score first, which team throws more pitches, if the game goes to extra innings, etc. You can also place prop bets on virtually every MLB statistic for every player in the game. For example, you can bet on home runs, hits, runs + RBIs, and total bases from every hitter, just to name a few.

Futures Bets

Finally, futures bets are also a lot of fun because you get to follow the bet over a longer period of time.  The most common futures bet in baseball would be a bet on the World Series.

Baseball Betting Odds

When betting on baseball online it is important that you understand the odds, so you know what your risk and reward is for each wager.  Let’s take a closer look at the above example which is using the American odds format (the most common odds format used online):

  • Atlanta Braves +108
  • Washington Nationals -118

The Atlanta Braves have odds of +108 to win the game, while the Nationals are given odds of -118.  In this example a $100 wager on the Braves would win $108, while a bettor would have to risk $118 to win $100 betting on the Nationals.

Baseball Betting Tips

  • Compare Odds – There are so many baseball games being played at a time that sportsbooks are not able to really focus on each individual line.  For this reason it is possible to find sharp baseball wagers, but you must compare odds at various sportsbooks.  The difference between +120 and +130 can add up quickly, especially if you are betting large amounts.
  • Research – Baseball comes down to pitching and hitting.  Do your research on both teams and understand their strengths and weaknesses.  If one teams lineup hits well against left handed pitchers you should know about it.
  • Manage Your Bankroll – With so many baseball games being played every day throughout the baseball season it can become tempting to bet on a large number of baseball games.  Be patient and try to find games with sharper lines.  Betting bigger on games you are more confident on rather than a lot of small bets on slight leans will pay off in the long run.  Learn more about sports betting bankroll management here.

Specific Baseball Betting