Tennis is a sport that is played and enjoyed around the world.  Very few sports, other than soccer of course, have as much wide spread appeal as tennis.  The top players in both the men’s and women’s game are some of the most endorsed athletes in the world, which just goes to show the mass appreciation of tennis.

For those looking to bet on tennis it is best to do so online.  Online sportsbooks are safe, secure, trusted and offer fair odds, which is why betting on tennis online is now the norm.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Tennis

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How To Bet On Tennis Online

Getting started betting on tennis online is very easy.  Here’s a simple 3 step guide you can follow to get your bets placed on tennis matches right away:

Bet On Tennis – Step By Step Guide

  1. Join a betting site. The first thing you will need to do is open an online betting account.  We recommend you do so at one of the sportsbooks listed above because they are trusted bookies who offer great tennis betting odds and options.  To register a tennis betting account you will just have to provide your email, name and your desired username for login.
  2. Deposit. Once your betting account is set up you can proceed to fund your account.  The majority of people deposit via credit card, but each of our recommended betting sites has a wide variety of deposit/withdrawal options to choose from including bitcoin, bank transfers, e-wallets and more.
  3. Place your bets.  Now that you have money online you can go ahead and bet on tennis online through your sportsbook! Head to the tennis betting section, select the bets you want to make, enter your wager amounts, and place your bets.

Types Of Tennis Bets

There are many tennis betting options available at our recommended sportsbooks.

Bet On Tennis Matches

The most common bet on a tennis match is moneyline betting.  Moneyline betting involves simply betting on which player will win the match (the odds vary depending on the players chance of winning).

You can also bet the spread in a tennis match.  Tennis spread betting involves wagering on whether you believe a player will win by more or fewer games than the spread that is chosen by the sportsbook.  For example, if Novak Djokovic is a -3.5 game favorite then a spread bet on him will pay out if he wins 4 or more games more than his opponent, and vice versa.

Totals are also common in bets on tennis, that involve the sportsbook setting a total number of games to be played in the match.  You bet on whether you think more or fewer than that many games will be played total.

Bet On Tennis Tournaments

This is known as tennis futures betting.  You wager on which player will win an entire tournament.  These bets will pay out more because the player must win several matches to win the tournament.

The most bet on tennis tournaments every year are the four Grand Slam events.  These include the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.  Learn more about betting on any of these individual events:

Tennis Betting Odds

The most common odds format for bets on tennis is American.  If you plan on betting on tennis online it is vital that you understand the odds so you know what you are betting.  Here is a quick example of American odds:

Carlos Alcaraz +150
Novak Djokovic -165

In this example, Djokovic is the favourite, and you must bet $165 in order to win $100 betting on Novak (payout of $265).  Alcaraz is the underdog and a $100 bet on Alcaraz wins $150 (payout of $250).

Tennis Betting Tips

Here are some basic tips to help you make money betting on tennis this season.

  • Don’t Use Player Rankings – New tennis bettors will often get pulled in by the rankings of players.  In reality the rankings shouldn’t play into your betting decision process at all.  Rankings are tallied over a course of an entire year so a player could have earned all of the points 9 months ago on a different surface.
  • Know The Surface – Certain players perform very well on certain surfaces, while playing horribly on others.  Take the playing surface into account when making your decision.
  • More Value Bets In Early Rounds – If you are a die hard tennis bettor then you will usually find the most line value in the early rounds.  This is because the bookmakers are less familiar with the players and because less people bet on these matches they will put in less time to research accurate lines.

Check out the general betting tips page for more basic sports betting tips.

Follow your tennis bets with up to date live scores from the official ATP or WTA websites, depending on if you are betting on men or women tennis players.