Craps Dice Roll

Craps is one of the most fun and social games you can find at a casino.  People gathered around a craps table almost always winning and/or losing together.  This feeling of us against the casino can really bring people together.  Now you can get that same feeling online at the virtual felt.

Online casinos will generally have multiplayer craps tables where gamblers can share the ups and downs of the craps rolls.  The experience might not be quite as fulfilling as actually being at an live casino, but it is a close second.  Each of the online casinos we recommend below offer some great craps betting software to enhance the craps betting experience and of course they are all reputable online casinos like you have come to expect from

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Bet On Craps For Real Money

To start betting on craps online for real money you should follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up at an Online Casino – Visit any of our recommended craps casinos found above and open an account.  This will only take a couple minutes.
  2. Fund Your Account – Next you will need to make a deposit in order to have money with which to bet on craps online.  Log into your account, find the ‘cashier’ section and choose from one of the many deposit methods available.  If you have any trouble with the deposit contact customer support and they will help you out.
  3. Play Craps – You are now ready to play craps!  Head over to the virtual craps tables and start placing your bets.  Place pass bets if you are looking to make friends and don’t pass bets if you want to make a few enemies.

The Pass Bet In Craps

This is the main bet in craps and is the one that most people think of when explaining the game.  If you plan on betting on craps online then you need to understand this bet.

Your pass bet is placed on the ‘pass line’ before the ‘come out’ roll.  If the ‘come out’ roll is a 7 or an 11 you win even money on your bet.  If the roll is a 2, 3 or 12 then you lose your bet.  If any other number is rolled, then that number becomes ‘the point’.  From here on out the dice is rolled until either ‘the point’ or a 7 is rolled.  If ‘the point’ is rolled then you win even money on your pass bet, but if a 7 is rolled you lose.

The pass bet has a 0.42% house edge per roll.

To learn more about the various bets you can make playing craps online check out the Wizard of Odds craps page.

Craps Betting Tips

  • Do not make the pass bet after the come out roll – The main value in a pass bet is in the come out roll so even though it is possible to make a pass bet after that initial roll it results in a much higher house edge.
  • Make ‘don’t pass’ bets – This is the bet with the lowest per roll house edge at the casino (0.40% per roll).  Online casinos are the perfect spot to make this bet because you don’t become public enemy number 1 like you would at a live casino where you would generally be cheering against everyone else (seeing as pass bets are the most popular).