People have bet on sports for as long as sporting events have taken place.  With the emergence of the internet, betting on sports has become extremely easy and convenient, which has enabled more sports fans to feel the excitement of putting down some money on a game.  People from all across the world now bet on sports such as football, soccer, baseball, hockey and more.

Online sports betting has become a huge industry with many sportsbooks competing for new players.  This has created a strong marketplace where fair odds are available and sign up bonuses and incentives are offered for individuals looking to bet on sports.

Bet On Any Sport – Every Sport Covered

On each of the pages listed here you will find detailed information about betting on a specific sport.  This includes which sportsbooks are the best for that particular sport, as well as how to start betting on the sport and a few helpful tips to help you improve your ROI betting on that sport.  If there is a specific sport that you plan on betting on check out any of the pages listed here:

When choosing an online sportsbook the most important thing to consider is if the sports betting site is secure and trustworthy.  Every sportsbook that you see listed on is a trusted sportsbook that has a proven track record in the industry.

We also do our best to rank the best sportsbooks for betting on each specific sport.  A number of factors are taken into account:

  1. How well the sportsbook covers the sport (the variety of betting options and lines).
  2. How competitive the sportsbooks odds are for the sport.
  3. Other general views of the sportsbook (features, reputation, bonuses, etc.)

For example, certain sportsbooks may pride themselves on offering a wide variety of competitive hockey betting markets, while barely taking bets on boxing.  Some sportsbooks are better for specific sports than others.

That being said, you should consider opening accounts at a variety of online sportsbooks.  This allows you to compare the odds at the various sportsbooks and bet the most favourable betting line.  Over the long run these small differences in odds can add up to a large sum.

Regardless of which sportsbook you choose to bet with out of our recommendations, you will have an enjoyable experience.  We do rank some sites higher than others, but every sportsbook listed here is safe, secure and trustworthy.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Sports

The best sportsbooks vary by sport, but if we take those factors completely out of the equations then here are our top recommended online sportsbooks for bettors from your area.

  • 1 50% up to $250
    • Built for American bettors
    • Wide variety of competitive betting lines
    • Easy to navigate betting platform
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  • 2 50% up to $1000
    • Accepts players worldwide
    • Competitive betting lines
    • Fast & easy deposits and withdrawals (including Bitcoin)
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  • 3 50% up to $1000
    • Accepts players worldwide (including US)
    • Frequently offers value-added contests and promotions
    • Wide variety of betting lines and props
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How To Bet On Sports Online

To start betting on sports online the first thing you must do is open an online sportsbook account.  If you plan to bet on a specific sport then we suggest you check out that sports specific page on this site (a list can be found above on this page), otherwise any of the three sportsbooks directly above are all recommended and trustworthy.  Signing up an account should only take a few minutes.

In order to bet on sports with real money you will have to fund your account.  Credit card deposits are generally the easiest method, but there are always plenty of other deposit methods to choose from and if you still can’t get money into your sportsbook account just contact the sportsbooks customer service department and they will go out of their way to help you fund your account.  Once you have a funded account you can start betting on sports online.

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

The odds associated with each outcome determine the amount you will win if that outcome occurs.  Teams with a higher chance of winning will payout less than teams with a lower chance.  It is important to understand the odds used at online betting sites in order to understand your risk vs reward when betting on sports.  The most common odds formats used online are American odds and decimal odds.

American Odds

American odds are most commonly used by online sportsbooks today.  Let’s look at an example of a moneyline wager using American odds:

Ottawa Senators +155
Detroit Red Wings -170

In this example the +155 indicates that a $100 wager on the Senators would win $155 ($255 payout) if the Senators won.  The -170 indicates that in order to win $100 betting on the Red Wings you must risk $170 ($270 payout).

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are another common odds format, primarily used by European sportsbooks.  We will look at the same example using decimal odds:

Ottawa Senators 2.55
Detroit Red Wings 1.59

With decimal odds you simply multiply the risk amount by the decimal amount to determine the payout.  Then if you want to know the winnings simply subtract the bet amount.  So if we risk $100 on the Senators again $100*2.55 = a payout of $255.  For the Red Wings $170*1.59 = $270 payout.

General Sports Betting Tips

Here are a few quick tips to help you make money when you bet on sports online.  These tips can be applied to every sport you wish to bet on.  Check out the general tips page for more tips that can be applied to any form of gambling.

  • Compare Odds – You should always try to find the best odds for the bet that you want to make.  A $0.10 difference per dollar can make a huge difference, especially if you are betting large amounts.
  • Don’t Bet Under The Influence – I’ve known people to bet a lot after having a few beers or getting high and losing a significant amount of their bankroll.  Stay off of your sports betting account when under the influence.
  • Only Bet Sharp Lines – Be patient and only bet on sharp lines.  A slight lean should not be good enough to make a wager.  Do not feel like you should bet on every sporting event on the planet.  Betting more on fewer games is a much smarter strategy.