Welcome to the Online Betting Guide section of BetOnIt.org.  Here you will find a variety of articles that should help you better understand various aspects of online betting and improve your overall online gambling experience.

General Online Betting Tips – Here are some tips that you can apply to all of your online betting endeavors.  These are very basic tips that can apply to both betting on sports or casino games online.

Bankroll Management – If you bet too much you will go broke.  There are no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  Read this article to find out why and what you can do to avoid it.

Sports Betting Articles

Betting On Sports Live – Learn how live betting works, the benefits for you (the bettor) and check out an example of a live betting display at an online bookie.

Sports Betting On Your Mobile Phone – Learn about the convenient way to place bets that is becoming the most popular way to place bets online.

Odds Formats Explained – It is absolutely critical that you understand the various formats of online betting odds before placing bets online.  Here you will find detailed explanations of the American, decimal and fractional odds formats with easy to understand examples.

Sportsbook Bonuses Explained – It is very important to read the terms and conditions of a bonus before signing up at a sportsbook.  You need to look at things such as the minimum deposit, expiration, rollover requirements and much more.  This article explains a lot of the various conditions associated with sportsbook bonuses/free bets, but mainly stresses how every sportsbook is different and it is important that you read up on the bonus terms before signing up with a bookie.

Futures Bets – Do you want to bet on a team to win the Super Bowl this season or a player to win the US Open?  Futures bets allow you to do just this.  Learn more about futures bets and the various ways they are used.

Parlay Bets – If you want to earn a big payout betting a small amount then parlay bets might be right up your alley.  Here you will find a detailed explanation of what parlay bets are and an example to show how to calculate the parlay odds.

Teaser Bets – Teaser bets are similar to parlay bets in that you have to wager on more than one outcome, but very different in that you are moving the spread amount in either football or basketball games by a chosen number.  Teasers can be very profitable, but first you must understand them.

Mobile Betting – More sports bets are placed via mobile devices than desktops or laptops these days, so it’s very important that the sportsbook you choose has an easy to use mobile interface.  On this article I will look at some benefits of mobile betting and also look at the best sportsbooks for betting with your mobile.

iPhone Betting – This page piggy backs off the above mobile betting page, but I dive deeper into iPhone’s in particular looking at screenshots of how the sportsbook websites appear on iPhone’s and providing my picks for where you should bet if you use an iPhone.

Poker Articles

Finding The Best Poker Bonuses – This is a similar article to the sports betting bonuses one, but it focuses on poker bonuses.  We look at the various types of poker bonuses available at online poker rooms and the aspects of a bonus you should be aware of.

Getting Started With Online Poker – This article will help you get started playing poker online.  It investigates what you should look for in a poker room, downloading the client, making a deposit and finding the right poker tools to help you be successful.

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Sports Betting in the United States



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Sports Betting in India