Soccer Betting Online

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world, and being the most watched and played game in the world, leads to a lot of people placing bets on soccer worldwide.  The best place to wager on the beautiful game is definitely at an online sportsbook.  Online betting sites have become the norm for soccer bettors because of their convenience, competitive odds, extra bonuses and safety.  If you want to bet on soccer, look no further than one of our top rated soccer sportsbooks ranked below.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Soccer

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How To Bet On Soccer Online

The most difficult thing about betting on soccer online is the amount of options you have and the number of games to choose from.  But first things first, you need to set up an online sportsbook account.

The three sportsbooks recommended above all offer a tremendous number of soccer betting lines to choose from and each is a well respected online sportsbook that has earned trust over the years. Signing up at any of those sportsbooks will only take a minute.

After you’ve signed up you should then fund your account in order to have some money to bet on soccer.  Credit card deposits are generally the most popular, but you can also fund your account via e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc), bitcoin or bank transfers.

Now that your account has some cash in you can go ahead and bet on whatever soccer match you desire.  Head over to the soccer section of the sportsbook and try to narrow down your search by selecting the league, type of bet, etc. When you find the match, select the bet you want to make, enter your wager amount on the Bet Slip and confirm your bet to lock it in.

Soccer Betting Options

There are plenty of soccer betting options to choose from.  We will try to explain a few of the more popular ones here.

Moneyline Soccer Bets

The moneyline bet (aka full time result bet) is the most simple form of soccer bet because it just involves wagering on what the final outcome of the game will be.  In soccer there are three potential outcomes, either team winning or a draw.  The odds associated to each outcome determines the payout.

  • Manchester City -125
  • Draw +250
  • Chelsea +350

Spread Soccer Bets

A soccer spread bet removes the option for a draw.  Then the spread can be chosen by the bettor, with different odds being associated to each spread.  If the game ends with the difference in goals being equal to the spread amount then the bet is a push and the bet amount is refunded.

Over/Under Soccer Bets

This type of bet simply involves wagering on how many goals will be scored in a soccer game.  For example an over/under amount could be set at 2.5, which allows you to wager on whether 3 or more (over) or 2 or fewer (under) goals will be scored in the game.

  • Over 2.5 Goals 1.65
  • Under 2.5 Goals 2.20

Soccer Betting Odds

It’s important that you understand the odds when betting on soccer online.  American odds is a common format, but you will also see a lot of decimal odds when betting on soccer (like the total goals example above).  Let’s look at an American odds example:

Manchester United -125
Everton FC +325
Draw +240

In this example you would have to risk $125 to win $100 betting on Manchester United.  On the other hand betting $100 on either Everton FC to win or the game to end in a draw would win you $325 or $240, respectively, if either of those outcomes occurred.

Bet On Soccer – Tips

  • Compare Odds – Almost every sportsbook online will offer odds for the higher profile soccer games, which gives you a lot of possibilities of finding a sharp line.  If you want to be a winning soccer bettor you need to find the best odds for every bet you make.
  • Be Patient – There are so many soccer games in so many different leagues taking place every week.  Don’t feel like you have to bet on every game.  Be patient and only bet on games that you are really confident in.

You should also check out our general betting tips page for basic tips that can be applied to betting on any sport.

Soccer Leagues and Tournaments

Soccer is played in every country in the world so it’s no surprise that there are a ton of leagues across the globe and plenty of big tournaments running every year.  You can find dedicated pages for some of these leagues and tournaments right here on!

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