World Series Betting

The World Series is the biggest prize in professional baseball.  The MLB is arguably the hardest league to reach the playoffs in out of the big four North American sports.  And after playing so many games to reach the post season, each game becomes extremely important as teams attempt to field their best lineups and get the most out of their star pitchers.  In the end the team that wins the World Series is well deserved because they were able to grind out a playoff position from a long regular season and then also turn in good performances in the clutch when they matter most.

Watching the team you bet on progress through the MLB playoffs can bring a lot of excitement and if they are able to win their last game you can be in for a big payday.

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How To Bet On The MLB World Series

Betting on World Series games is very easy and for a step by step guide visit the bet on MLB page.

To summarize you will first need to open an account at one of our recommended online sportsbooks listed above.  Then you will have to fund your account in order to have money to bet on the World Series with.  After that you can proceed to the “MLB Futures” section of the sportsbook to place your World Series bet.  You can then follow your team throughout the MLB season/playoffs and collect a big payday if your team makes it all the way.

World Series Betting Options

One way to bet on the MLB World Series is to make a futures bet on which team will win the World Series this year.  This type of bet can be placed at anytime throughout the year.  The odds will change as the opinions on each specific teams chances of winning the World Series change.  For example if the New York Yankees come out of the gate slow and go 10-20 in the first month then you could get longer odds than you would have when the season began.

The other way to bet on the World Series is to bet on individual games.  There will be a massive variety of betting options that you can take advantage of on each individual World Series game.  Head back to the baseball betting page to learn more about the various options for betting on individual games.

World Series Betting Odds

World Series odds change throughout the year depending on each teams successes and failures.  The teams that are favored to win the World Series will generally have futures odds around +500 to +800, while teams that aren’t being given any chance will have odds upwards of +25000.

World Series Betting Tips

These basic tips for betting on the World Series winner should help you get the most out of your MLB futures wagers.

  • Compare Odds – With futures bets especially odds vary dramatically from sportsbook to sportsbook.  One sportsbook may have the Blue Jays at +2300, while another may have them at +5000 or one may have the Angels at +650 and another at +800.  Finding the best odds is very important when placing World Series wagers.
  • Don’t Bet On Public Teams – By “public teams” I mean teams that the majority of the public would be on such as the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox.  It is generally smarter to wager on other teams that have a legitimate chance that may not have as big of a fan base.  Fans tend to be optimistic and wager on the team they support which can have an affect on the odds.
  • Understand the Time Value of Futures Wagers – You should consider how long your money is tied up in your futures bet when placing World Series winner wagers. While your money is tied up in futures bets it cannot be used to place other bets, which can affect your bankroll for the MLB season.