College basketball really takes over the sports betting world in March with the NCAA March Madness tournament to decide the top team in college basketball.  68 teams compete in the month long elimination tournament that has tremendous fanfare and media following.  That being said let’s not forget that there is an entire NCAA college basketball season that can be bet on leading up to March Madness!

Best Sportsbooks to Bet On College Basketball

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How To Bet On College Basketball

College Basketball Betting

Getting started betting on college basketball is extremely easy.  For a step by step guide to bet on basketball, head back to the basketball betting page.  I will run you quickly through the steps.

  1. Register an Online Sportsbook Account – Sign up with one of the bookies outline above. They are our top rated sportsbooks for betting on college basketball from your location.
  2. Deposit – Next you will have to fund you account by making a deposit. You can’t bet on college basketball without some cash in your account.
  3. Place Your Bets – After depositing your funds you are ready to place your college basketball bets. Head over to the basketball section of the sportsbook, open up the college basketball lines, and place some wagers.

Types of College Basketball Bets

Point Spread

Spread betting is even more popular when betting on college basketball because often times the teams are on different levels and it is extremely likely that a specific team will in the game.  Spread bets are great for these types of games because they involve wagering on whether the favorite will win by more than the “spread” or the underdog will lose by fewer points than the “spread” or somehow win the game outright.

Money Line (To Win)

Money line bets aren’t quite as popular, but they do come into play, especially when the teams are more evenly matched.  Money line bets involve wagering on which team will win the game outright.  In a Duke vs North Carolina match-up the money line will often be bet on either team because these schools are generally top teams in the ACC.


Futures bets are particularly popular when wagering on the March Madness tournament.  You can bet on which team will win the NCAA Championship right from the beginning of the season and if your team pulls it off it will generally mean a big payday for you.

March Madness Brackets

Of course we cannot forget March Madness brackets as a college basketball betting option.  A lot of times brackets are done among friends, but most sportsbooks will also run a March Madness bracket promotion.  Check any of the sportsbooks listed above to learn how to get in on their March Madness promos and win some extra cash.

College Basketball Betting Tips

  • Don’t Bet Every Game – There are so many schools in the NCAA that you may get the urge to bet on more games than you should.  Just bet on college basketball games that you are knowledgeable about and ones that you feel are sharp bets.
  • Compare Lines – College basketball lines will often vary more among sportsbooks than lines for other sports because there is less of a consensus on how good teams are.  Shop around at each of our top rated college basketball bookies to make sure you get the best lines each game.
  • Bet Against Fan Favorites – In college basketball certain schools have much more fanfare than others.  In general the sportsbook will offer extra points to the opponents of these fan favorite schools because they know that rookie bettors will go with their favorite team.  This will often provide good value on bets against the high profile schools.