Darts Betting OnlineDarts is a game that anybody can play, but only a select few can excel at.  If you have ever watched darts on television then you know the intensity and competitiveness that goes into the sport and you will also know the familiar chant of “one hundred and eighty” that makes the crowd go wild.

We have recommended three online sportsbooks that are great for betting on darts.  All three are trusted and respected sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of competitive darts betting lines and some very lucrative bonuses and promotions.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Darts

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
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How To Bet On Darts Online

It is very easy to set up an online sports betting account and start betting on darts online.  First you should choose which of the three of our recommended sportsbooks listed above is right for you.  Click on that sportsbooks link to visit the website and create an account.  Opening an account should only take a couple minutes and you will only have to provide basic information about yourself.  After you have created an account you will be ready to make a deposit.  The most common deposit method is a credit card deposit, but there are a wide variety of other options available as well and if you are having difficulty getting money online a customer service representative will be eager to help you.  Now you are ready to find the darts betting section of the website and place some bets on darts!

Darts Betting Options

The most common wager in a darts match is the money line wager, which involves betting on which player wins the match outright.  The odds associated with each player winning the match determine the payout.

Bet365 also offers many prop bets on darts matches in addition to the basic money line wagers.  Some typical darts prop bets include betting on the total number of sets the match will take, what the final score of a match will be, which player gets the most 180’s and more.

Futures betting in darts, like all individual sports, is also very popular.  Futures betting involves wagering on which player will win a certain tournament and the futures betting odds can change as the tournament or league progresses.  An example of a darts futures bet would be wagering on which player will win the Darts Premier League this year.

Darts Betting Odds

The American odds format is the most common odds format you will find when betting on darts.  Here is an example of a darts match money line:

Martin Adams -225
Tony Oshea +175

In this example Martin Adams is a significant favorite over Tony Oshea.  In order to win $100 betting on Martin Adams you must risk $225.  On the other hand a $100 bet on Tony Oshea would win $175 if he pulls off the upset.