The Stanley Cup is often considered the hardest trophy to win in all of sports and it can be quite a ride if you bet on the Stanley Cup champion early in the season, or even at the start of the playoffs.  Watching and cheering on your Stanley Cup bet throughout the postseason brings a great deal of excitement and the payout is always big if your team raises the Cup at the end of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting On Stanley Cup

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How To Bet On Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stanley Cup Betting

Betting on the Stanley Cup is very easy and for a detailed step by step guide visit the bet on NHL page.

To summarize you will first need to register an account at one of the online sportsbooks listed above (each of which offer solid odds for bets on the Stanley Cup).  You will then have to fund your account through the cashier at that online sportsbook and proceed to the ‘NHL Futures’ section of the sportsbook.  Select the team that you expect to win Stanley Cup this season and place your bet.  Then follow that team throughout the NHL playoffs and collect your winnings when your predicted team lifts the coveted trophy.

Stanley Cup Betting Options

One way to bet on the Stanley Cup is to place a futures wager on which NHL team will lift the Stanley Cup in early June. This type of bet can be placed at any time throughout the year, from before the seasons starts, right until the Stanley Cup winner has been decided. Each teams odds of winning the Cup will change throughout the season according to the chances the public and oddsmakers are giving that team to win the Stanley Cup. For example, if the Philadelphia Flyers are in 15th place in the East at the All-Star break you will get odds with a much bigger payout at that time, than if you place a Stanley Cup bet on them after they’ve won their division at the end of the season (purely hypothetical).

The second way to bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs is to bet on individual games. Betting sites will have all kinds of bets available for every game throughout the entire Stanley Cup playoffs and Finals. Head back to the bet on hockey page to see the various betting options there are for individual games.

Stanley Cup Betting Odds

Stanley Cup futures odds change throughout the season depending on how a team is doing. The teams that are favoured to win the Stanley Cup at the time will have futures odds of around +500 to +1000, while teams who are considered some of the longest shots in the league will have odds closer to +10000, also known as 100 to 1.

Stanley Cup Betting Tips

These basic tips for betting on the Stanley Cup Champion should help you get the most money possible on your predicted winner.

  • Compare Odds – Stanley Cup futures odds can differ significantly from sportsbooks to sportsbook.  One bookie may have the Canucks at +450, while another has them at +800.  Finding the best odds is absolutely crucial for Stanley Cup bets or you may only win half of what you could have betting at the correct bookie.
  • Consider the Time Value of Your Bet – On any futures bet you should consider how long that money will be locked up before the bet will be settled.  This length of time that the money cannot be used to win other bets should play a factor in your wager.  Basically, if the bet is going to take longer to settle you should require better odds than if it settles in the near future.