Snooker is a very popular sport that is played around the world.  Online sportsbooks are the best place to bet on snooker online and the three we have listed below offer a wide variety of competitive snooker betting lines and most importantly they are each highly respected and well trusted.  Each of these bookies offers some great bonuses and promotions so check them each out and decide which is right for your snooker betting needs.

Where To Bet On Snooker Online

Sportsbook Bonus Review Visit
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How To Bet On Snooker Online

It is fast, easy and straight forward to start betting on snooker online.

First you will need to create an online betting account.  Do this by visiting any of our recommended bookies through one of the links listed above and filling out a registration form to sign up at the site.  This whole process should only take a couple minutes and you will only be required to provide basic information about yourself such as your name and email address.

After you have successfully created your account you will need to make a deposit in order to have some snooker betting funds.  The majority of online bettors deposit with a credit card, but there will also be a variety of other deposit methods that you can choose from.

If you have any trouble making a deposit I suggest you contact customer support.  Now that you have a sports betting account with money in it you can go ahead and bet on snooker online!

Snooker Betting Options

Snooker BettingThe most popular type of snooker bet is the money line bet which involves simply wagering on which player will win the match.  The odds associated with each player determines how much you can win if they come out on top.  Needless to say you will win more on the underdog than the favorite by risking the same amount.

Bet365 also offers a wide variety of prop bets on most snooker matches.  Some of these prop bets include which player will win the first frame, handicap betting (spread betting by frames), the total number of frames played and more.  Prop bets are a lot of fun because they keep the match interesting even if one player is a large favorite and will likely run away with the match.

Futures bets are also very popular in snooker.  An example of a futures bet would be which player will win The Masters or the World Championships this year.

Snooker Betting Odds

You will often find both decimal and American betting odds when looking at snooker matches.  Here is an example of a money line using decimal odds:

John Higgins 1.40
Matthew Stevens 2.75

In this example John Higgins is a big favorite and a $100 wager on Higgins would only payout $140 ($100 x 1.40) for a winnings of $40.  If Stevens were able to pull off the upset then a $100 wager on him would payout $275 for $175 of winnings.

To learn more about snooker and to keep up to date on scores, tournaments and news I suggest checking out the World Snooker website.