English Premier League Betting

The English Premier League (EPL) is the top club soccer league in England and many consider it to be the top league in the world.  World recognized teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool participate in the EPL and supporters of these teams enjoy betting on English Premier League matches.

The best place to bet on English Premier League soccer is online.  Our recommended sportsbooks are all trustworthy, safe, secure and offer a wide variety of fair English Premier League odds.  They also offer some pretty decent bonuses!

Top Sportsbooks For Betting On EPL

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How To Bet On English Premier League

  1. Join – First open an online betting account with one of the top English Premier League bookies outlined above.
  2. Deposit – Then make your first deposit by finding the “cashier” on the sportsbooks website.  There are always a wide variety of deposit methods you can choose, but credit card deposits are generally the easiest.
  3. Bet – And that’s it, now that you have money in your account you can proceed to bet on English Premier League matches for the rest of the season. Head over to the EPL section of the sportsbook, select the odds of the outcome you want to bet on, enter your wager amount on the Bet Slip and click ‘Place Bet’ to lock it in.

EPL Betting Options

The sportsbooks recommended here at BetOnIt.org all offer a ton of English Premier League matches, but the most popular match bets would be the moneyline, spread and over/under bets.  You can also wager on which team will win the English Premier League this season.  Those soccer betting options are pretty straight forward, but for those of you who want something a little more interesting you should check out the EPL prop betting options at your sportsbook.

EPL Betting Odds

Decimal and American odds are the most common odds formats for English Premier League betting.  Here is an moneyline example to show you the difference and explain both formats.

Decimal Format:

Blackburn 7.10
Chelsea 1.40
Draw 4.15

American Format:

Blackburn +610
Chelsea -250
Draw +315

The decimal format is easy to understand because the number beside each outcome shows the payout by multiplying the bet amount by the decimal odds.  For example a $100 bet on Blackburn would payout $710 (win $610).

The American odds format looks at the amount you win if you bet $100 for the + outcomes.  So sticking with Blackburn a $100 bet would win $610 ($710 payout), the same as the decimal odds.

The tricky thing with the American format compared to decimal is when there are – odds.  The -250 associated with Chelsea means that a $250 bet on Chelsea would win $100 ($350 payout).  If we use this bet amount and multiply it by the 1.40 decimal odds we also receive a payout of $350.

Bet On English Premier League Clubs

The English Premier League is home to many of the most recognized soccer teams in the world including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.  Check out their individual pages on the BetOnIt.org:

For more news and information regarding the EPL check out the English Premier League website. You will find scores, standings and other news.