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Bet on 2012 OlympicsThe Women’s Soccer event at the 2012 Olympics in London begins tomorrow with some group stage matches.  The tournament begins before the opening ceremonies because two weeks isn’t long enough to complete a soccer tournament with 12 teams and give the players enough rest time between games.  The Olympics is a bigger event for Women’s soccer than Men’s because the best players in the world compete in Women’s Soccer, while the Men’s event is U23.  The event has only been held at the Olympics since 1998 and since then the United States Women’s team has won 3 gold medals and finished 2nd once.  Brazil has finished 2nd at the last two Olympics, while Germany has gone home with the bronze medal.  With Germany not participating in this years tournament there will be at least one different nation earning a medal.

The best place to bet on the 2012 Olympics Women’s Soccer tournament is at  They offer the widest variety of odds on the 2012 Olympics Women’s Soccer tournament and they are generally the best odds you can find online.  5Dimes accepts bettors from around the world, including the United States.

2012 Olympics Women’s Soccer Odds

Here are the odds for the winner of the tournament at the 2012 Olympics in Women’s Soccer.  These were found at

  • USA +183
  • Brazil +368
  • Japan +487
  • France +767
  • Sweden +1000
  • Great Britain +1650
  • Canada +2200
  • North Korea +2500
  • Cameroon +10000
  • New Zealand +13000
  • Columbia +13000
  • South Africa +18000

As you can see the United States are big favorites in this tournament and rightfully so after winning 3 of the previous 4 Olympic gold medals in Women’s Soccer. These winner odds will change throughout the tournament so visit to keep up with the odds.

You can also bet on the winners of each of the 3 groups at  Brazil is a big favorite in group A at -350, while Japan -120 and USA -275 are the favorites to lead the groups in B and C.

5Dimes is also taking bets on every individual game.  You can place a wide variety of spread, money line and total goals bets at for each game in the tourney.  Check out our bet on soccer page to learn more about each of these bets.

How To Bet

In order to place your bets you will need to open an account at  Do so by clicking here and then clicking on the ‘Register Today’ link in the right sidebar of the 5Dimes website.  You should use 5Dimes marketing code AF0002879 in order to get up to $520 in bonuses.

To place a real money bet you first need to add some real money, so head over to the cashier section and make a deposit using one of the many banking methods available.

You will not find the Women’s Soccer odds under the Olympics betting box in the ‘Other Sports’ section.  You will find the Women’s soccer betting odds under the ‘Soccer’ and either ‘Futures’ (for tournament winner or group winner bets) or the ‘Women Intl’ for the individual game bets.  Place your bets then sit back and enjoy the beautiful game being played by the more beautiful gender.

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