Bet On 2014 NFL Draft Props

NFL DraftThe 2014 NFL draft is fast approaching.  The first round kicks off tomorrow at 8pm EST and then the second and third rounds will be on Friday, with the remaining rounds finishing up on Saturday.  There has been seemingly weeks of speculation as to which directions teams will go on Draft Day and like usual, you can put your money where your mouth is and bet on your thoughts on the speculation.  Online sportsbook is offering a variety of NFL draft props to give the hardcore NFL bettors something to wager on with the season still several months away.

2014 Draft Props

I’m going to take a look at some of the various prop bets offered by Bovada on the draft.  If you want to see the list of prop bets for yourself, head over to and then click on ‘Football’ and ‘NFL Player Props’.

Will Manziel or Bortles be drafted first?

  • Johnny Manziel -400
  • Blake Bortles +250

Johnny “Football” Manziel is the biggest name in the draft, but he isn’t expected to go first overall.  He is expected to go high, but it is between him and Blake Bortles from the University of Central Florida as to which QB is taken first in the draft.  The odds suggest Manziel is the favourite, but it really depends on what the team wants out of their QB.  Of the nine analysts who did their mock drafts, Manziel is picked ahead of Bortles by seven of them.  And one analyst who doesn’t have Manziel ahead, doesn’t even have Johnny Football in the first round, so I’m thinking he may just be a hater.

Will Carr or Bridgewater be drafted first?

  • Derek Carr -200
  • Teddy Bridgewater +150

Looking at the mock drafts I would say that Bridgewater looks to be a good pick here.

Draft position for Johnny Manziel

  • Over 4.5 -135
  • Under 4.5 -105

The over 4.5 would be the smart bet here in my opinion.

How many QB’s will be drafted in the first round?

  • Over 3 -160
  • Under 3 +120

There will almost certainly be Manziel and Bortles taken in the first round.  So this bet will come down to Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater and if teams think it’s worth a first round pick to take either of these QB’s.  Once again, looking at the mock drafts at, here are the number of QB’s each guy has in the first round:

  • Daniel Jeremiah – 2 (Manziel & Bortles)
  • Charles Davis – 2 (Manziel & Bortles)
  • Charley Casserly – 2 (Bortles & Carr)
  • Bucky Brooks – 3 (Manziel, Bortles & Bridgewater)
  • Brian Baldinger – 2 (Manziel & Bortles)
  • Matt Smith – 3 (Manziel, Bortles & Bridgewater)
  • Chase Goodbread – 4 (Manziel, Bortles, Carr & Bridgewater)
  • Mike Huguenin – 3 3 (Manziel, Bortles & Bridgewater)

Looking at these mock drafts I would say taking the under here is a good bet.  There is a good chance of a push, but the oddsmakers think it’s the underdog bet, while the analysts do not.

How many WR’s & TE’s will be drafted in the first round?

  • Over 6.5 -250
  • Under 6.5 +170

When there is a QB there also has to be offensive guys to catch the ball.  The oddsmakers think there will be quite a few taken in the first round.

Once again, to see all of the up to date draft props available, visit and click on ‘Football’ and ‘NFL Props’.

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