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2015 NFL DraftThe 2015 NFL Draft is taking place over the next few days and online sportsbook has a few prop bets that you can wager on if you think you have a good read on which teams certain players will be going to this year.

To find the NFL draft props, click here to visit and then click on ‘Football’ and ‘NFL Player Props’ in the left sidebar of the sportsbook.

Let’s take a look at a few of the props being offered.

How Many RB’s will be selected in the 1st Round?

  • Over 1.5 -500
  • Under 1.5 +300

Todd Gurley is ranked #8 on the ESPN draft rankings so there will almost certainly be one RB in the first round.  Then there is Melvin Gordon ranked #17 who will really make or break this bet.  I expect him to go in the first round though, which is why the over bet here is probably good.

How Many WR’s will be selected in the 1st Round?

  • Over 5.5 -175
  • Under 5.5 +135

Amari Cooper is ranked #3, Kevin White is ranked #7 and DeVante Parker is ranked #9 in the ESPN Draft Rankings.  These 3 are shoe-ins to go in the first round.  Then you have Breshad Perriman, Nelson Agholor, Phillip Dorsett, Devin Smith and Jaelen Strong who are also ranked inside the first round.  That brings us to 8 WR that are ranked in the top 32 right now.  It really comes down to what teams are looking for and if other positions start to go teams may hold off on WR’s until the second round.  I expect it to be either 4 or 7 WR gone in the first round as they could go like dominoes late in the first or they could all go early in the second.

Amari Cooper Draft Position

  • Over 5.5 +200
  • Under 5.5 -300

Like I said Cooper is ranked #3 and it’s likely he goes before #6 in the draft, but anything can happen.

Here are some other over/under’s for different players….

Kevin White

  • Over 7 -120
  • Under 7 -120

Todd Gurley

  • Over 12.5 -120
  • Under 12.5 -120

Melvin Gordon

  • Over 22.5 -120
  • Under 22.5 -120

Dante Fowler

  • Over 3.5 -200
  • Under 3.5 +150

There may be some more props added before the first round gets underway tomorrow.  So head over to if you’re interested in placing any NFL Draft prop bets!

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