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Bet On The NFLThe Colts and Jaguars poses an interesting matchup in Thursday night football.  Indianapolis has come on strong of late winning 3 games in a row, albeit against weak opposition (home vs Dolphins and Cleveland, away in Tennessee).  These wins were all tight though and the only time this year Indianapolis has won by more than a field goal was when they scored a touchdown in overtime against the Titans so that barely counts.  Indianapolis is lucky to be 5-3, but that said they should still be the better team in this tilt.

The Jaguars are 1-7, but their only win of the season came against these same Colts back in week 3.  Now they are at home against an improved Colts team looking to pull off another upset.  The Jags have not had an easy schedule this year in the least, but they still need to find a way to win more than 1 game through week 9 in the season.

Colts vs Jaguars Odds

Here are the spread, money line and over/under odds with reduced juice found at

Indianapolis Colts -3 (-120)
Jacksonville Jaguars +3 (+110)

Indianapolis Colts -170
Jacksonville Jaguars +160

Over 42.5 -105
Under 42.5 -105


The Colts have never truly won a game this season by more than 3 points (overtime victory by a touchdown against the Titans – covers the spread, but in reality was a tied game).  They are now being expected to do this against a Jacksonville team that defeated them just a couple months ago.  Jacksonville is not a good team, but they haven’t had the easiest of schedules and their defense has gotten a bad rap after the Bears game in week 5. This is a divisional game and you can expect the Jags will be ready to go at home against their divisional rivals.  I like the Jags +3 (+110) because I expect the Jaguars to at least keep the game close and the Colts have shown they can’t win by more than a field goal.  If you can find +3.5 I would jump at it.

How To Bet On The Colts vs Jaguars

To bet on this game I suggest opening an account with  They are the best online sportsbook for betting on NFL games and they accept bettors from around the world.  The reduced juice line is also likely the best you will be able to find online.

After creating your account and making a deposit you will find the above odds by checking the ‘Reduced’ box under ‘Football’ and clicking continue.  Then go ahead and place your bet and enjoy some great Thursday Night Football!

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