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The Colts (6-3) demolished the New York Giants (3-5) in week nine heading into their bye week. Andrew Luck looked sharp throwing for 354 yards and four touchdowns. The Giants were unable to get anything going against a stout Colts defense. The Colts will have a harder time this week against a strong Patriots secondary. If the Colts are going overcome the Patriots secondary, then Andrew Luck will have to continue to spread the ball around.

The Patriots (7-2), in a rematch from last year’s AFC Championship game, beat the Denver Broncos (6-2) by a score of 43-21. The Patriots, going into their bye week, had vaulted the much vaunted Denver offense. Tom Brady had a great day, keeping drives alive, while throwing for 333 yards and four touchdowns on the day. The Broncos were by no means a soft opponent. The Patriots secondary was able to delay Peyton Manning’s receivers and their timing was off all game. If the Patriots are going to win on the road in Indianapolis, they will need to carry out a similar strategy against Andrew Luck and his receivers.

Colts Vs Patriots Odds Week 11

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Patriots +3 (-115)
Colts -3 (-105)

Patriots (+132)
Colts (-152)

Over/Under 57.5

Team Breakdowns

Colts: The wide-receivers of the Colts are in for a tough assignment. The Colts’ receivers will not have the luxury of being wide-open against the Patriots. When the Colts played the Giants, a lot of the big plays came on missed assignments. T.Y. Hilton is emerging as the Colts’ premier receiver. He is a deep ball threat with all the skills to play inside and outside receiver. He will be a focal point for the Patriots defense. If Hilton can get open and take the top off the defense, then the Colts will have the opportunity to throw underneath to tight-end Coby Fleener or to one of the running-backs. The Colts’ running game is not elite, however, like the Patriots, it serves a purpose. The Colts will need to effectively run the ball to keep the Patriots honest. If the Patriots take the run away early and the Colts abandon it by the second half, then Luck will be in for a long night. On the defensive side of the ball, stopping Rob Gronkowski is priority number one. The Patriots’ offense has rebounded since their early season struggles and that turnaround is directly linked to Gronkowski’s health. If the Colts are going to stop the Patriots, they need to stop Gronkowski.

Patriot: New England’s secondary is the strength of the team. The Patriots’ offense has played great, but it has been their defense that has made this team elite. Two weeks ago against Denver, the Patriots’ defense shut down Peyton Manning. Despite putting up a lot of yardage, the Patriots defense created turnovers and did not allow the “big play” to beat them. This week against the Colts, the Patriots will have to attack the Colt receivers in a similar fashion. Brandon Browner’s emergence has given the Patriots’ secondary a mean streak. Add in fellow cornerback Darrelle Revis and safety Devin McCourty and the Patriots have all the making of the best secondary in the league. The Patriots’ biggest weakness is their pass-rush. If the Colts can slow down the Patriots’ pass rush and give the receivers time to get open, then the Patriots will struggle.

Free Pick:

This game has all the makings of an absolute shootout. No matter how good the Patriots’ secondary is, the Colts are going to score points, especially at home. The Patriots are the underdog and have yet to have a statement road win against a playoff bound opponent. Expect Belichick to take away Luck’s biggest weapons, T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne. Luck, with all of his outside-receivers shadowed, will have to check down a lot of his throws. With an inconsistent running game, expect Luck to force a few passes and turn the ball over. Do not expect a blowout, but the Patriots should find away to pull ahead by the fourth quarter and stay ahead.

New England Patriots 38 Indianapolis Colts 27

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