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NFL Player PropsThe NFL preseason is under way with week 1 of the preseason having taken place this past weekend.  This means that the NFL regular season is only a few short weeks away and online sportsbooks are starting to offer some interesting prop bets for the upcoming season.  This post will look at some individual player prop bets offered at various online bookies.

2012 NFL Player Props just came out with an interesting new prop after the release of Chad Johnson by the Miami Dolphins.  You can bet on if Chad Johnson will sign with a new NFL team prior to week 1 of the season.  They don’t think it is overly likely with a Yes paying out at +200, while a No pays out at -300.

Bovada is also offering prop bets on which player will lead various NFL categories.  These include the league leader in passing yards, rushing yards and receiving yards.

For passing yards Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford are the favorites according to Bovada.  Here are the odds for these 4 front runners:

Drew Brees +450
Tom Brady +475
Aaron Rodgers +550
Matthew Stafford +650

After that there is a drop off to +1000 for both Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers.

In rushing yards there are also four front runners:

Arian Foster +450
Ray Rice +650
Chris Johnson +750
Maurice Jones-Drew +750

After these four the odds drop off to +1200 for both Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy.

The receiving yards odds look a little different with Calvin Johnson being a fairly large favorite, while Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are the two being given the best chance at overthrowing Calvin:

Calvin Johnson +350
Andrew Johnson +750
Larry Fitzgerald +750

To see all of the player prop bet odds at click here. online sportsbook has taken a different approach to their player prop bets for the 2012 season.  They are also offering 3 different player prop bets for the 2012 NFL season, but their props involve the winners of the various NFL trophies.  You can wager on which player will win the NFL regular season MVP, Offensive Rookie of the Year or Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The favorite for the NFL MVP is Aaron Rodgers at +500, while Tom Brady (+650), Drew Brees (+800), Michael Vick (+800) and Peyton Manning (+800) are all also being given legitimate chances.

As for the offensive rookie of the year, Robert Griffin (+200), Andrew Luck (+210) and Trent Richardson (+280) are the big favorites.

Luke Kuechly is the front runner for the defensive rookie of the year at +300, but there are also several other players between +500 and +800.

Visit to see all of the odds for these NFL player props.

This is sure to be an exciting NFL season and you will see many more player prop bets available for betting as the NFL season draws closer.  Keep up to date and do research at to get an edge on the bookies and bet on the right players.

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