Bet On NHL Team Props for 2013 Season

NHL BettingThe NHL is back this coming Saturday, which only leaves you a few days to place your NHL regular season team prop bets. ( for Americans) has some great NHL team prop bets available including over/unders on how many points a team will earn in this shortened 48 game season and whether teams will make the playoffs.

In this post we will take a look at some of the prop bets available and I will offer my thoughts.  To see the odds for all 30 NHL teams for both their playoff props and over/under point props you should visit ( for Americans) and click on ‘NHL Team Props’ under ‘Hockey’ in the sportsbook.

Over/Under Regular Season Points

Here are some of the over/unders available and my thoughts on them:

Minnesota Wild – Over/Under 54.5 points

This would work out to a 93 point season in a regular 82 game schedule.  Last year Minnesota had 81 points, but they did overachieve drastically in the first half of the season.  The addition of Parise and Suter should help the team, but I like the under on this one until they prove otherwise.

Montreal Canadiens – Over/Under 53.5 points

The Habs sent home Gomez for the year to avoid injury so they can buy him out next year.  He is good enough to make the squad so this will make the team worse this year and shows they might not be taking this year too seriously.  53.5 points over an 82 game season equals out to 91 points.  Last year they had 78.  I don’t see them being much better.

Ottawa Senators – Over/Under 52.5 points

The Sens had a strong year last year proving many doubters wrong.  These doubters are still around though and this is why the Sens over/under is low.  They will need to find a replacement for Cowen, but after that the forward lines should be better and they have some of the best goaltending in the league.  I’d take the over here.

Will A Team Make Playoffs?

Toronto Maple Leafs – Yes (+185) or No (-225)

The Leafs haven’t made the playoffs since before the last lockout.  I don’t think this most recent one is going to change their fortune.  I’m surprised at these odds and would definitely take the Leafs not making the playoffs.

San Jose Sharks – Yes (-165) or No (+135)

The Sharks didn’t have a good year in 2011-12, but they are still one of the best teams in the league on paper.  They will get things together this year and will definitely be making the playoffs.

Ottawa Senators – Yes (+300) or No (-400)

I have no clue how the Leafs are being given a better shot at making the playoffs than the Sens.  The +300 here is an absolute steal on a team that is stronger than they are being given credit for.

Minnesota Wild – Yes (-265) or No (+205)

Like I said before I won’t believe it till I see it.  I think the oddsmakers are giving the acquisition of Parise and Suter too much weight here.  Koivu is strong, but the rest of the Wild is not.

Edmonton Oilers – Yes (-125) or No (-105)

How a team can go from 30th, 30th and 29th in the league in the past 3 seasons to favored to make the playoffs is beyond me.  The Oilers AHL team could barely win with some of the young talent the Oilers boast.  I don’t expect the NHL team to do much better.

Visit or to place bets on any of these team prop bets.  I suggest checking out to look at last seasons points per game for teams and apply that to what they are expected to achieve this season.

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