Bet On Russia vs Czech Republic Euro 2012 Group A Match

Bet on Euro 2012The second game of the first day of Euro 2012 features Russia, the favorites to take down group A, taking on the Czech Republic, who should never be taken lightly and have a very good shot at advancing past the group stage.  Group A is widely considered the easiest of the four groups so these teams have to take advantage of their good fortune and put some points on the board early in this game. is our recommended bookie for betting on this match.  They are one of the more recognizable and trustworthy sportsbooks online, they offer a wide variety of betting lines for every Euro 2012 match and they accept bettors from around the world (including the USA).

Russia vs Czech Republic Betting Options

The three main betting options available for any soccer match are the money line, spread and totals lines.  Here are the odds found at for each of these lines:

Money Line Odds

Russia +120
Draw +215
Czech Republic +235

As you can see Russia are the favorites and the payout for a Russian win is significantly lower than the payout for a Czech Republic victory.  If you have trouble understanding the odds check out our soccer betting page for more information.


Russia (-0.5) +120
Czech Republic (+0.5) -140

This spread is giving the Czech Republic a half-goal “handicap”.  A spread bet on Russia pays out if they win the game, while a spread bet on the Czech’s pays out if they either win the game outright or it finishes in a draw.


Over 2 +109
Under 2 -125

If you think there will be more than 2 goals scored in the game you should bet the over and if you have a feeling it will be a scoreless draw or a 1-0 game then bet the under.  If the game ends with 2 goals scored the bets will be pushed.

There are many other betting lines also available on this Russia vs Czech Republic match at  Visit to check out all of the odds for this match and to place your bets.

How To Bet On Russia vs Czech Republic at Euro 2012

To bet on this match you will first need to open an online betting account.  We recommend that you place your wagers through for this match.  Open a BetOnline account by clicking here and then clicking on the red ‘Join Now!’ button in the middle of the screen.

After you’ve filled out the form and created an account you will need to make a deposit in order to have funds with which to bet on either Russia or Czech Republic.  Choose any of the deposit methods available in the cashier to make a deposit and remember that BetOnline offers a 25% matching bonus on every deposit you will ever make at the site.

Now that you have funds online it’s time to bet on the Russia vs Czech opening day match at Euro 2012.  You’ll find the lines under the ‘Soccer’ and ‘EURO 2012’ tabs on the sportsbook page.

Keep up with the tourney and check out the results of the match at the Euro 2012 website.

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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