Bet on Seattle Seahawks Vs New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets II

belichick1The Super Bowl is right around the corner and the only thing more fun than betting on the outcome of the game is prop betting! In our first installment of prop bets, the focus was more traditional, MVP, penalties, first downs, ect. In this second installment on Prop Bets the focus will shift to more novelty and defensive bets.

There are some seriously great Prop Bets that have a chance to payoff. All these odds come from Here are more Prop Bets to consider:

Super Bowl Novelty Props

Coin Toss: Heads -105, Tails -105

The coin toss is arguably the most important moment of the game. Alright, that is a little bit of a stretch but the advantage to winning the coin toss has some significance. The Patriots as the away team will get the chance to call it. New England has won an astonishing 14/18 coin tosses this season. If the Patriots win the toss, Belichick always defers possession and kicks. This enables the Patriots to receive the ball to start the second half. Historically speaking the winner of the coin toss is just as likely to lose the game. The winner of the toss has an advantage in the early stages of the game deciding who receives the ball at the beginning of the second half and the beginning of the game. Coincidentally, in all three of New England’s victories in the Super Bowl have come after losing the toss.

Team to Win Coin Toss: New England -105, Seattle Seahawks -105

For the superstitious here is a tough one for you. Seattle won the toss with tails last year and went on to win the Super Bowl. The Patriots’ three Super Bowl victories came on the heels of three losing coin tosses. If you are superstitious what do you root for? The Patriots track record this season speaks for itself. Expect thePatriots to win the toss.

Color Gatorade Thrown on the Winning Coach: Green +1000

Green is a long shot, but the odds are sweet. Just hope that it is not purple.

What Color Hoodie will Belichick wear: Grey -175

While Red has the best line at -700, Belichick has not worn a lot of red this year. While he was wearing a blue hoodie in the AFC Championship game, he has historically preferred the grey hoodie.

What song will Katy Perry sing first at Halftime: E.T., Wide Awake, Last Friday Night, -1400

While all these songs have the better lines, the popular bet is Dark Horse at +250.

Super Bowl Defensive Props

While this game is a matchup of a great Patriots offense against a historically great Seattle defense, the Patriots defense is no slouch. It makes sense then to focus on the defense Prop Bets surrounding this game.

Player to Record the first Interception of the Game: Richard Sherman +450

In the NFC Championship, Aaron Rodgers lobbed a pass to the end zone that Richard Sherman easily picked off. Later in the game, Sherman injured his elbow. After the game the media wondered why Rodgers did not test Sherman’s injury by throwing it deep. Tom Brady will have to test Richard Sherman’s injury at some point to win the game. Despite Sherman’s injury, he is a true playmaker with the ability to intercept the ball with only one good arm.

Player to Record 1st Sack of the Game: Jamie Collins +1000

The Patriots linebacker, Jamie Collins, is a tenacious pass-rusher. He is primarily the linebacker assigned to contain mobile quarterbacks, such as Wilson. His constant awareness of the quarterback makes him a solid bet.

Total Interceptions by Kam Chancellor: Under .5 Interceptions -600

Chancellor had two interceptions on the year. One came in the playoffs against Carolina and the other happened against Denver in week three. Only two interceptions on the season make Chancellor a good bet to put up zero in the Super Bowl.

Total Interceptions by Devin McCourty: Under .5 Interceptions -600

McCourty had three interceptions on the year. One came in the playoffs against Baltimore and the other two happened against the Colts and Vikings in the regular season. He is a former corner and ball hawk. But like Chancellor, the low interception totals this season makes McCourty a solid play.

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