Bet On The 2013 AFC North Division Winner

With the Redskins holding on to defeat the Giants by a point in the Monday Night Football thriller the AFC North Division is now up for grabs.  The Giants still sit atop the standings with a 7-5 record, but both the Redskins and Cowboys are now only one game back at 6-6. Looking at the schedule you start to realize just how much this division is up for grabs.

AFC North Winner Odds

Online sportsbook ( for Canadians) has the following odds for who will be atop the division at the end of the regular season:

New York Giants (5/9)
Washington Redskins (13/4)
Dallas Cowboys (7/2)

These odds will change week to week so head over to now to get in at these odds.


First let’s look at the talent of each team.  As of right now the power rankings have the teams ranked as follows:

#12 New York Giants – down 4 from last week
#14 Washington Redskins – up 2 from last week
#16 Dallas Cowboys – up 2 from last week

Most critics would agree that the Giants are probably the best team of the bunch, but this may not matter based on the competition they will face down the stretch.

Giants Schedule

vs New Orleans Saints (5-7)
@ Atlanta Falcons (11-1)
@ Baltimore Ravens (9-3)
vs Philadelphia Eagles (3-9)

Redskins Schedule

vs Baltimore Ravens (9-3)
@ Cleveland Browns (4-8)
@ Philadelphia Eagles (3-9)
vs Dallas Cowboys (6-6)

Cowboys Schedule

@ Cincinnati Bengals (7-5)
vs Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5)
vs New Orleans Saints (5-7)
@ Washington Redskins (6-6)

It’s pretty easy to see that the Redskins have the most difficult schedule to finish out the season, followed by the Cowboys and with the Giants bringing up the rear.  It also should be noted that the Giants in all likelihood wouldn’t have the best chance if it went to tiebreakers because they do not have a strong divisional record.  In fact the Redskins would likely come out of the tiebreakers if it came to that.

This week is huge for the division.  That is because the Giants have a winnable game (4.5 point favorites), while the Redskins (1.5 point favorites) and Cowboys (3 point dogs) could potentially lose.  If this happens the Giants would jump back up to a 2 game lead and look good down the stretch.

If they stay only 1 game above Washington though then things get dicey because the Redskins will be the favorites in their games from here on out.  Which basically means the Giants need to win every week.  They have the ability to do it, but on the road against teams like the Ravens and Falcons they will surely be the underdog and will have their backs against the wall.  It could very well come down to the Giants needing the Cowboys to help them out in the final week of the season.

Based on all of this you have to like the Redskins at 13/4 to win this division.  They could easily win out and then one stumble by the Giants and they are out of first in the division.

Play: Redskins 13/4 (

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