Bet On The 2013 Home Run Derby

Betting on the 2013 Home Run Derby

Where can you bet on the 2013 Home Run Derby?

The Home Run Derby is always a star studded event at the annual MLB All-Star game and brings with it a lot of fan fare.  This year there are 8 big hitters ready to put some balls out of the park.  Online sportsbook is taking bets on which player will take down this event.

2013 Home Run Derby Odds

Here are the odds from

  • Prince Fielder 7/2
  • Chris Davis 15/4
  • Bryce Harper 5/1
  • Robinson Cano 11/2
  • Yoenis Cespedes 11/2
  • Carlos Gonzalez 15/2
  • David Wright 15/2
  • Michael Cuddyer 9/1

Free Pick

Citi Field has pretty standard dimensions, with the center field wall being 408 feet from home place, the left being 335 feet and right field being 330 feet.  The portions of the wall in between these are anywhere from 358 to 390 feet.

Yoenis Cespedes is the only hitter to have never played at Citi Field.  This has to count as a disadvantage for him because he won’t be as used to the surroundings as his opponents.  Cespedes also generally hits to the left, which is the longer side at Citi Field.  I wouldn’t bet on him at 11/2.

Prince Fielder won last years Home Run Derby and is the favourite once again for good reason.  He will be hitting towards the right field wall and should be able to outdo himself from last year.  He’s not a bad bet at 7/2.

Chris Davis is the second favourite, but he is in a bit of a slump at the moment and will have to bust out of it at the Derby to win this event.  I’d stay away from him just because you don’t really know what you’re going to get from Davis at this event.

I would also steer clear of Cano and Cuddyer.  Cano has hit a lot of his home runs at Yankee Stadium, which is even shorter than Citi Field and Cuddyer has hit 12 of his 15 homers at parks that are extremely friendly to hitters.

My sleeper pick here is Carlos Gonzalez.  He is a left handed hitter which is great for Citi Field and he has the power to put a lot of balls into the stands.  At 15/2 he’s a great pick to pull off the upset and take home the Derby crown.

How To Bet On Home Run Derby

First you will have to open an account at if you haven’t already done so.  Then after you fund your account you will find the Home Run Derby odds in the ‘MLB Baseball Player Props’ section under the Baseball drop down menu in the sportsbook.

Place your wagers then sit back and enjoy the show on ESPN at 8pm EST on this coming Monday, July 15th.

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