Bet On The 2015 Irish Derby – Odds and Picks

Irish Derby 2015The biggest horse race in Ireland is here this Saturday with the Irish Derby taking place at Curragh Racecourse.  There are 9 horses in the field with Jack Hobbs as a very big favourite heading into the race.

Let’s look at the odds….

2015 Irish Derby Winner Odds

  • Jack Hobbs 4/6
  • Giovanni Canaletto 6/1
  • Highland Reel 6/1
  • Storm The Stars 6/1
  • Pleascach 10/1
  • Qualify 10/1
  • Radanpour 14/1
  • Kilimanjaro 28/1
  • Carbon Dating 100/1

As you can see Jack Hobbs is a massive favourite.  You can check out his Horse Racing Nation profile here.  You’ll see that he has finished in second in his last two races (Epsom Derby & Dante Stakes), but both of these losses came to Golden Horn, who is not in the field.  Check out the Epsom Derby race below to watch him race to second place.  You will also be able to see Storm The Stars who finished 3rd, Giovannia Canaletto who finished 4th, Kilimanjaro (6th) and Carbon Dating (8th) in the race, so you’ll get a great idea of how this race could play out.

I’m not able to embed the video, so click here to watch the 2015 Epsom Derby.

As you can see Jack Hobbs and Golden Horn seemed to be on another level in that race, and I expect more of the same from Jack Hobbs in the Irish Derby.

How To Bet On The 2015 Irish Derby

Check out our dedicated Irish Derby betting page to learn more about betting on this massive Irish horse race.

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