Bet On The Host of the 2020 Summer Olympics

The IOC is down to 3 cities who hope to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.  These finalists will be doing everything they can this week to bring the Olympic Games to their country.  The final vote is just a couple weeks away, but the cities are laying out their plans this week with the hopes of wowing the committee.

Bet On 2020 Olympics Host

Online sportsbook decided to start taking bets on which city would end up getting the nod from the IOC and earning the right to host the Games in 2020.  Right now it’s between Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo.

Summer Olympics 2020 Host Odds

Here are the odds from  To find the odds on the site, click on ‘Other Sports’, followed by ‘Other Sports’ (I know it’s a bit redundant) and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Tokyo -225
  • Istanbul +300
  • Madrid +500

Tokyo is the favourites to host the game and they are using the angle of trying to rise up after the devastating earthquake and tsunami a couple years ago.  The Olympics are about coming together and showing strength so Tokyo feels they fit the bill after these disasters.

Madrid is the long shot because of the financial troubles that have struck the city.  Madrid’s bid though, explains that 80% of the venues are already in place so the costs will not be a factor.

Istanbul has to overcome the anti-government protests that took Turkey by storm last month.  This really hurt the bid and it will be interesting to see if they can recover.  The Turkish Prime Minister said that they are listening to the people and trying to put their protests into action.

The decision will be made on September 7th in Argentina.  These Olympics are still 6 years away, but this is a huge honour and potential cash influx for whichever city is chosen, so each has a lot riding on the decision.

To bet on the 2020 Olympic Games Host City, head over to and place your wagers.

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