Bet On the Quarterback With the Most Passing Yards in 2013-14

Bet On The NFLWhich NFL quarterback will throw for the most passing yards in the 2013-2014 NFL season? Will it be Drew Brees, or will it be Cam Newton or maybe Matt Ryan? Let’s take a look at what the oddsmakers think and then I will give you my opinion about whom to bet will have the most passing yards in the 2013 NFL season.

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Quarterbacks Who Will Amass the Most Passing Yards in 2013-2014 NFL Season

The odds below are taken from, our recommended bookie for NFL betting.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: +385
Peyton Manning: +500
Matthew Stafford: +650
Aaron Rodgers: +650
Matt Ryan: +800
Tom Brady: +800
Eli Manning: +1200
Joe Flacco: +1500
Andrew Luck: +1500
Cam Newton: +1500

1) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints – Something to Prove But Team is a Super Bowl Contender that needs offensive balance. He will not win passing yardage title. Odds: +385

Drew Brees and the rest of the New Orleans Saints will want to prove to the NFL that they are far removed from their season of last year. Head coach Sean Payton loves to throw the ball but he realizes that he must keep his defense off the field and the only way to accomplish that goal is to run the ball effectively. Bettors should expect Brees to throw for over 4000 yards but he will not lead the league in passing in 2013-14.

2) Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos – No Chance With John Fox as Coach and the team playing in AFC West Division – Odds: + 500

Peyton Manning is a gun slinger but his coach and management are going to do everything possible to preserve him for the playoffs. This means that as soon as this team has an insurmountable lead in the fourth quarter it will remove Peyton from the game and insert his backup. In addition, this team will try to use the running game more so they can give Peyton more time in the pocket off play action passes. This team is not going to take the chance of Peyton getting injured late in blowout game or at the end of the season prior to the playoffs. The Broncos play in the worst division in the league, the AFC West. Its very likely that by the halfway mark or at the latest the three-quarter mark of the season they will have secured home field advantage and a first round playoff bye. In 2013-14 Peyton will not have enough game time action to lead the NFL in passing yardage.

3) Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions – Second Most Passing Yards in 2013-2014 Season – This team will run only to rest his arm. Odds: +650

The Detroit Lions are built to throw. They have arguably the top combination of passer and catcher in Matthew Stafford throwing to Calvin Johnson. They also have a huge pass catching target in tight end Brandon Pettigrew and this year they signed Reggie Bush who possesses excellent hands. They play indoors at Ford Field which ensures that at least half their games will played in situations which are conducive to throwing the football. The only reason that Matthew Stafford will not lead the league in passing yards is because teams may ensue in games of ‘keep away’ by running the ball against the Lions. The Bears and the Vikings are in their division and in those games it will not surprise anyone if they limit the opportunities in which the Lions even have the ball.

Bet on Matthew Stafford to place second again in the contest of who throws for the most yards in the season.

4) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – No chance of him leading NFL in passing yardage. Team committed to running the ball to help defense. Odds: + 650

The Green Bay Packers had a horrible defense last season. Coach Mike McCarthy is going to do everything possible to reduce the amount of time they are on the field. Aaron Rodgers will throw for over 4000 yards but Green Bay is going to want to have a 1000 yard rusher so they can try to keep the defense more rested.

5) Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons – He is in Town to Win Super Bowl, not passing yardage title – No Chance. Odds: +800

This team is built to win a Super Bowl title. In 2012-2013 they were one win away from going to the Super Bowl. Coach Mike Smith wants to pass and run, that is his philosophy. He does not want his quarterback being subjected to the number of hits that come from having an offense that has a pass to run ratio of anything over 60-40 so do not expect Matt Ryan to lead the league in pass yardage during his tenure with the Atlanta Falcons.

6) Tom Brady, New England Patriots – 2013-2014 Passing Yardage Leader.
The ideal situation for a quarterback who loves to throw the ball. Odds: +800

If you can name the starting running back for the New England Patriots you should pat yourself on the back because the name changes on a weekly basis. Combine this with the recent press conference from the training camp of the Patriots that they want to return to who they are and you have the formula for excessive passing attempts and yardage. The New England Patriots are not a team that thinks about running the ball and they do not put much emphasis on it. They have one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history and a reputation of throwing the ball late in the game during blowouts with their starting quarterback still at the helm. This team led by Tom Brady will play with an edge because of the way their season ended last year and the Aaron Hernandez saga.

Do not be surprised if Tom Brady sets an NFL record for the most passing yardage in a year and the Patriots once again become one of the most feared teams in the league.

7) Eli Manning, New York Giants – No chance of winning passing yardage title. Leader of a balanced offense and team with Super Bowl aspirations. Odds: +800

Eli Manning is a superior passer but the New York Giants will have no hope of the playoffs if this team does not have a 1000 yard rusher to help make teams respect the run. Coach Tom Coughlin is aware of this fact and he has designs on a return to the Super Bowl. No chance of Eli winning passing yardage title because team will run it enough to protect him and make serious run at Super Bowl.

8) Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens – No chance at winning passing yardage title. Quarterback with a howitzer attached to his shoulder but team has quality running backs to provide offensive balance. Odds: +1500

Joe Flacco is the quarterback of the Super Bowl champions. He has Ray Rice as his running back. When you have one of the best running backs in the game in the backfield you don’t worry about winning passing yardage titles, your focus is on Super Bowls. Coordinator Jim Caldwell prefers to have a running attack that forces the linebackers closer to the line of scrimmage so the tight ends have more open area in the middle of the field. This team will have too balanced an offense for him to win the passing yardage title. He has no chance at being the leader in passing yardage but this team will be a legitimate threat to return to the NFL Super Bowl game because of Joe’s presence.

9) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts – The Prodigy But No Passing Title. He will be outstanding in his second year but he will not be in top five in passing yardage. Odds: + 1500

Andrew Luck is without question one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he will throw for many yards. Unfortunately, this team will not be overlooked like they were last season by many of the teams who played them. He lost his offensive coordinator in Bruce Arians and there has not been a significant upgrade made to the receiving corps in terms of speed. This combination does not bode well for his chances of being able to lead the league in passing yardage.

10) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers – Superman Will Place Third in Passing Yardage in 2013-2014. Odds: + 1500

Cam Newton knows that he must produce this season because he is now in his third year and both his job and the job of head coach Ron Rivera are on the line. The Panthers will put their hopes on Cam Newtown and let him throw as much as possible to help them reach the playoffs. Do not be surprised to see tight end Greg Olson become his favorite target. If this happens then Steve Smith will see less double coverage and Cam Newton will be have some excellent passing games. He will surprise the NFL with his throwing performances in 2013-14 but he will not lead the league in passing yardage.

If you are going to bet on who will lead the NFL in passing yardage in 2013-2014 its in your best interests to pick Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. This team loves to throw the ball and with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel and Tom Brady at the helm of this offense you can be guaranteed that they will be throwing the ball for the majority of the game.

Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history is basically being told to throw the ball and return his team to the days when they enjoyed their most success.

Bet on Tom Brady of the Patriots to lead the NFL in passing yardage in the 2013-2014 season.  Click here to visit and place your bet.

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