Bet On The USA 2016 Presidential Election – Odds and Guide

The 2016 United States Presidential Race is heating up.  Everywhere I look I see Donald Trump’s face and an opinion on the man one way or another.  Elsewhere I’m seeing Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders news and debates.  The election is filling up my news feed in all of my social media accounts.  I personally am not as engulfed in the various campaigns as many people are, but the fact that sportsbooks are taking bets on the various winners and aspects of the race has caught my attention.

2016 USA Presidential Election Odds

Online sportsbook (full review here) is accepting a wide variety of bets on the United States Presidential Election.  I’ll show you a few of their odds below, but you should note that these odds are from March 11th, so the odds will change significantly throughout the various campaigns.  You can visit to see the current odds.

BetOnline US President Odds

As you can see Hilary Clinton is currently the leading candidate at odds of -190, but it’s crazy to think that Donald Trump is the second most likely to become President.

Here are the odds for the Democratic Nominee:

BetOnline Democratic Nominee Odds

Hilary Clinton is a massive favourite to become the Democratic Nominee, but the last time I looked at these odds Bernie Sanders was sitting at odds of +1000, so perhaps he is closing the gap?

Here are the Republican Nominee odds:

BetOnline Republican Nominee

The Donald is leading the way in the Republican Nominee race, but it really is a race, with all 4 remaining candidates still holding on to a decent chance. also has odds for the Republican VP and Democratic VP nominations, as well as the eventual winning party and also some head to head matchups between politicians.

How To Bet On Presidential Election – Step By Step Guide

After looking at those odds are you ready to bet?  Here’s a step by step guide to get your wagers placed:

#1. Open an Online Sportsbook Account

First you’ll need to open up an online sports betting account to place your wagers.  I recommend, which is where all of the odds above came from.  They accept bettors from all countries around the world, including the entire United States.  They are also offering a $1000 sign up bonus for new players.  Here’s a full review.

Click here to visit

#2. Make a Deposit

After opening your account you will need to deposit the funds you would like to wager on the Election.  BetOnline has a wide variety of deposition options including Visa, MasterCard, bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire, Cheque and more.  Their withdrawal methods include bank wire, cheque, person to person, skrill, bitcoin and more.

#3. Place Your Bets on the Presidential Election

Now that you have funds online, you’re ready to place your bets!  In the BetOnline Sportsbook click on ‘Futures & Props’ -> ‘Politics’.  This will bring up all of the bets available on the 2016 Presidential Election.

So that’s it.  Follow those steps and your bets will be placed.

Ready to bet on the election?  Click here to visit

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