There are now more bets placed from mobile devices than from laptops and computers. The percentage of bets from mobile devices will continue to grow as mobile technology improves and more sportsbooks put an emphasis on their mobile betting platform.  More than 60% of the bets placed at online sportsbooks come from mobile devices and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down.

If you enjoy betting on sports you really should save the mobile betting option for the sportsbook you use as a shortcut on your phone and become familiar with the software.  After you get used to betting through your mobile phone you may place bets on your computer much less frequently.

How To Bet Using Your Phone

Mobile betting is very easy.  Online sportsbooks now generally offer a mobile friendly version of their betting site, which is automatically loaded when you visit the site through your mobile phone.  The mobile friendly version is very easy to use and navigate to find which bets you want to place.  You can even generally save your username and password in your phone so you don’t have to type in your information each time you want to place a bet.

I suggest saving your sportsbook’s website address as a shortcut icon on your phone’s home screen.  How you do this varies depending on your mobile phone, but all phones will have this feature.

Advantages of Betting Through Your Phone

The advantage of betting through your mobile device is obvious.  You can place bets from anywhere you have your mobile phone, which in this day and age is basically anywhere.  Most people don’t carry their computers around with them everywhere they go, but you will likely have your mobile phone.  This allows you to place bets whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Here are some good examples:

  • You are at a live sporting event and notice that a team looks sick or fatigued.  You can instantly log on to your betting account and take advantage of this information.
  • You are watching an NFL game at a bar with some friends and you want to place a bet to make the game a bit more interesting.  Pull out your phone and place a bet.
  • You are sitting on the couch watching a game and are simply too lazy to walk to the computer and place your bets.  Grab the phone from your pocket and you can keep your comfy seat.

The situations where you will want to place a bet through your mobile phone and you aren’t sitting at the computer are nearly endless.  Mobile phone betting is simply very convenient, and this is why the majority of bets are now being placed through mobile devices.

Mobile Betting Examples at Online Sportsbooks

My favourite site to bet at with my mobile phone is

BetOnline Mobile Phone Betting

BetOnline is our top recommended site for American residents and they also have a great mobile betting platform.  Check out the screenshots below or click here using your mobile phone to visit yourself.

Live Betting With Your Mobile Phone

Mobile betting and live betting are a match made in heaven.  Anytime you are watching a game live you can simply pull out your mobile phone and place your live in-play bets.  For this reason you will often see live betting options prominently displayed on the mobile betting platforms of most betting sites.

Check out our live betting article for more info on that subject.