How To Bet On The 2024 US Presidential Election From Oregon or Idaho

The 2024 United States Presidential Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th, 2024. The Election is shaping up to be a rematch of 2020, with both Trump and Biden being declared as the presumptive nominees of their respective parties (Republican and Democratic) back in March.

I’m expecting a lot of betting action on both Trump and Biden as the campaigns heat up over the summer. The race is expected to once again be tightly contested with plenty of odds movement over the coming months.

On this page I will recommend our two top rated betting sites, touch on the betting climate in Oregon and Idaho, look at the Presidential Election odds, and provide a simple 3 step guide you can follow to bet on the 2024 US Election online.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Americans

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Bovada and BetOnline are our two recommended betting sites for Americans, including anyone living in Oregon or Idaho. Both sportsbooks have served the US betting market for decades, becoming popular and trusted betting sites over that time. I suggest comparing odds between the two sites to get the best return on your Election bets.

For this guide I will be using for all odds and betting examples.

2024 Election Betting in Oregon and Idaho

Sports betting is legal in Oregon, but the regulated market is limited. Sports bettors in Oregon can bet in-person at tribal casinos within the state, or online through DraftKings, which is the only regulated online sportsbook available in Oregon.

In Idaho sports betting is not legal, and it doesn’t look like that will change in the near future.

Idaho residents do still have the option to place bets through offshore betting sites that are licensed and regulated outside of the US, while accepting American bettors. Both Bovada and BetOnline fall into this category, with both sites having served the US betting market for over a decade.

**Oregon residents are also welcome at offshore sportsbooks, and I suggest comparing Election odds at our recommended betting sites with the DraftKings monopoly in Oregon to make sure you’re getting a good return on your Election wagers.

US Presidential Election Odds

Bovada has a wide selection of 2024 Election betting markets including which party wins popular vote, which party wins in Oregon, which party wins in Idaho, who will be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, and more.

The most popular election bet, by far, is wagering on who will win the 2024 US Presidential Election. The odds below are from May 8th, 2024. The election odds can change quickly and dramatically, so check the up to date odds at by selecting ‘Politics’ from the All Sports menu.

Donald Trump has EVEN odds to win the Election, which implies a probability of 50% that Trump wins in November. Joe Biden has odds of +115, which indicates an implied probability of 46.5% that Biden wins re-election. Robert Kennedy Jr. is the next closest contender with his odds of +2500 implying a probability of 3.8% that Kennedy wins the Election.

Bet On The 2024 US Election in Oregon or Idaho – 3 Step Guide

Follow these three steps to place your bets on the US Presidential Election from anywhere in Oregon or Idaho.

Step 1. Join

Click the above link and complete the overlay registration form on the home page to create your account.

Bovada is our top rated betting site for Oregon and Idaho residents.

Step 2. Deposit Funds

Log into your Bovada account and click the ‘Deposit’ link under your accounts drop down menu. Choose your preferred deposit method (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, etc), enter the amount, and complete the instructions to fund your account.

Step 3. Place Your Election Bets

It’s now time to place your Election bets:

  1. Click ‘Sports’ from the top menu bar at
  2. Open the ‘All Sports A-Z’ menu and select ‘Politics’.
  3. Select the odds of the bet and enter your risk amount on the Bet Slip.
  4. If you’re happy with the risk amount and potential winnings, click ‘Place Bet’ to make your wager.

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