How To Bet On The UFC In Alabama, Georgia or South Carolina

The UFC and the sports betting industry have both grown in popularity over the past few years. It was rare to see UFC fights or betting lines on SportsCenter a few years back, but now both are prominently shown with the UFC making a 5-year tv deal with ESPN in 2019. This awareness and coverage has resulted in more betting on UFC fights here in the USA than ever before.

On this page I will recommend two betting sites for Americans, touch on the regulatory climate for sports betting in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, look at the most popular UFC bet you can make and finish up with a simple 3 step guide you can follow to bet on the UFC online.

Best UFC Betting Site for Americans

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Bovada and BetOnline are our two top-rated betting sites for Americans looking to bet on the UFC. These are the two most popular online sportsbooks serving the United States, and they have built their reputations by offering a great betting service to American bettors over the past decade.

Both Bovada and BetOnline accepts players from Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. For the rest of this guide I will be using for all examples.

Sports Betting in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina

It is not currently legal to operate a sportsbook in any of the states listed above. That said, analysts agree that bettors are able to place wagers at online betting sites that are licensed and regulated offshore and accept American players. and both fall into this category.

In Alabama lawmakers introduced a bill in 2022 that proposed making constitutional amendments to allow for legalized sports betting in the state and also institute a state lottery. The bill failed to pass through the Legislature. Check out our Alabama sports betting page to see if any further progress has been made.

Georgia is similar in that a push to legalize sports betting in the state in 2023 ended with no consensus. That was the fourth consecutive year a sports betting bill failed. That said, there is strong support for regulated sports betting in Georgia, lead by a coalition of Atlanta pro sports teams. Check out our Georgia sports betting page to learn more.

In South Carolina bills were introduced in 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023, but no bill gained much traction and it does not look like regulated sports betting will be coming to South Carolina in the near future. More information can be found on our South Carolina betting page.

No notable progress has been made towards regulated sports betting in any of these three states.

Popular UFC Bets

The most popular wager for UFC fights is simply betting on the winner.

Here’s an example of the “to win” odds for the Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington welterweight title fight from UFC 296:

In this example, Leon Edwards is the favorite with odds of -155. This means you would have to risk $155 to win $100 betting on Edwards. Colby Covington is a +130 underdog, which means a $100 bet on Covington would win $130 (payout of $230).

Here are some other bets you can make on a UFC fight:

  • Method of Victory – Bet on fight winner + method of victory (knockout, submission, decision).
  • Round Betting – Bet on fight winner + finish round (or decision).
  • Total Rounds – Bet over/under on the length of the fight.

UFC Betting From Alabama, Georgia or South Carolina – Guide

Follow these three steps to get your UFC bets placed from Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Step 1. Open a Account

Click the above link and fill out the form overlay on the home page to open your account. is our #1 rated betting site for Americans.

Step 2. Deposit Funds

Log into your new account and click ‘Deposit’. Select your preferred deposit method (Visa, MasterCard or bitcoin) and complete the instructions to make your deposit.

You can cash out via bitcoin, bank wire or check through the mail.

Step 3. Place Your UFC Bets

You’re ready to place your bets:

  1. Click ‘Sports’ from the top menu bar.
  2. Open the ‘All Sports’ drop down menu and select ‘UFC/MMA’.
  3. Select the bet you want to make and enter your risk amount on the Bet Slip.
  4. Click ‘Place Bets’ to confirm your wager.

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