How To Bet On The 2022 World Cup From Texas

The 2022 World Cup group stage is complete in Qatar. The knockout stage will now take place, with the remaining 16 teams battling it out in a single elimination bracket until the World Cup winner is crowned on December 18th.

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world every four years, so I expect a ton of media coverage and betting action on this years tournament.

Team USA finished 2nd in Group B to advance to the knockout stage. USA finished with 5 points to secure second place behind England, and ahead of Iran and Wales. They will now face Group A winner, the Netherlands, in the round of 16.

This page is dedicated to helping Texas residents bet on the FIFA World Cup online.  I will outline our favorite betting site for Texans, look at the different bets you can make on the tournament, and provide a simple 3 step guide to get your 2022 FIFA World Cup bets placed online within minutes.

Top Betting Site for Texas Residents

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Bovada is our top rated betting site for Americans interested in betting on the World Cup.  They are an offshore sportsbook that accepts players from all across the USA, including Texas.

Bovada is one of the most popular and trusted betting sites serving the US market. They are taking bets on every World Cup game and offer a wide variety of futures betting options for both the tournametn and qualifiers.  Check out our full review here.

World Cup Betting in Texas

Texas does not allow sportsbooks to operate within the State.  That said, Texas residents are allowed to place bets with offshore betting sites that are licensed and regulated outside of Texas. falls into this category of offshore betting sites that accept Texas players.

Texas is considering legalizing sports betting in the near future, but at the present time, Texas residents must place their bets through these offshore betting sites.  Check out our Texas sports betting section for a further breakdown of the betting laws in Texas.

World Cup Betting Options

You can bet on each World Cup match throughout the tournament, or you can places futures bets on the tournament as a whole (or various aspects such as group winners, teams to qualify from the group stage, stage elimination of each team, and more).

Individual Matches takes bets on every match throughout World Cup tournament.

Here is a screenshot of the odds for the USA vs Netherlands round of 16 match (odds taken December 2nd):

In this example Netherlands winning the game in regulation time is the most likely outcome according to the odds (-110). A $110 bet on Netherlands to win the game would win $100 (payout $210). A Draw in regulation time is the next most likely outcome with odds of +240, and a USA in regulation time is the least likely with odds of +330. A $100 bet on a Draw would win $240, and a $100 bet on USA would win $330.

The over/under for the game is set at 2.25 goals. If 3 or more goals are scored the over bets would win, and if 1 or fewer goals are scored the under bets would win. If exactly 2 goals are scored half of the over/under wagers would push (be returned), while half the wager on overs would lose. and half the wagers on under would win.

You can also simply bet on which team will advance to the next round (odds taken December 2nd): has a wide variety of other bets you can make on World Cup games. These include Draw No Bet, Alternate Spreads, Alternate Totals, Game Props and more.

World Cup Futures

Throughout the tournament there are plenty of futures and prop bets that you can place.  The most popular futures bet on the World Cup is wagering on the tournament winner.  Here were the odds after the group stage, but prior to the knockout round from Bovada:

To see all of the futures bets offered head to click on ‘Sports’ in the top navigation bar and ‘Soccer’ from the secondary sports menu. Open the ‘FIFA World Cup’ drop down menu from the ‘Soccer A-Z’ menu and select ‘FIFA World Cup Futures’.

Check out our soccer betting section for a further look at the various bets you can make on soccer.

How To Bet On The FIFA World Cup From Texas – 3 Step Guide

Follow these three steps to get your bets placed on the 2022 World Cup.

Step 1. Open a Account

Bovada is our top rated betting site for Texas residents.  They are entirely focused on providing a trusted and easy to use betting platform for the American public.

Click here to visit and complete the sign up form on the home page to open your account.

Step 2. Deposit

Bovada accepts deposits via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Bitcoin.  Each of these deposit methods are instant and you will be able to bet with your funds within minutes.

You are able to withdraw your winnings via Bitcoin, Wire Transfer and Check by Courier.

To make your deposit click on the ‘Deposit’ link in your accounts drop down menu and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Place Your World Cup Bets

You’re now ready to bet on the World Cup!

Select ‘Sports’ from the top menu bar and ‘Soccer’ from the secondary sports menu.

Open the ‘Soccer A-Z’ drop down menu and select ‘FIFA World Cup’. You can select ‘FIFA World Cup Matches’ to bet on individual matches, or ‘FIFA World Cup Futures’ to see the futures betting lines.

Select the odds of the bet you want to make to add it to your Bet Slip. Enter your risk amount on the Bet Slip. If you’re happy with risk and win amounts click ‘Place Bets’ to lock in the wagers.

Check out our betting guide section if you’re new to sports betting for some basic tips and to learn how to read the betting lines.

Ready to bet? Click here to visit

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