How To Bet On UFC 202: McGregor vs Diaz in the USA

UFC 202 McGregor vs Diaz

I’m expecting UFC 202 to be the biggest UFC PPV event of all time.  As it stands right now, UFC 100 is the highest selling PPV with 1.6 million sold back in July of 2009.  The second biggest PPV card of all time was the original McGregor vs Diaz fight, with UFC 196 selling 1.5 million buys, and that was with just 10 days of notice to build up the fight.  The numbers aren’t out for UFC 200 yet, but the initial reports had the PPV buys at just over 1,000,000, which didn’t even sniff at the top two events of all time.

To me the fact UFC 200 didn’t do massive numbers proves what Conor has been saying all along.  UFC 202 is the real 200.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor will sell the card, but it’s a solid fight card from top to bottom with Anthony Johnson, Glover Teixeira, Donald Cerrone, Cody Garbrandt and more also featuring on the card.

The event is set to break records and I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke the record for betting on a single UFC card (and fight) as well.  For that reason, I wanted to make this page to break down in a step by step format how you can get your bets in on the McGregor vs Diaz main event, and the entire UFC 202 card.

How To Bet On UFC 202 in USA – Guide

Follow these three simple steps to place your bets on McGregor vs Diaz at UFC 202.

#1. Open a Sportsbook Account

First you’ll need to open a sports betting account.  I recommend all American bettors sign up with  They’re by far the biggest and best sportsbook catering to American residents.  In fact, they only accept USA residents, which allows them to fully customize their sportsbook and banking options to fulfill the needs of Americans.

Bovada is currently offering a 50% up to $250 first deposit bonus to new sign ups and they always have a ton of betting options available for UFC events.  Check out our full Bovada review here.

Click here to visit and open an account…

Bovada Sportsbook

#2. Make a Deposit

Next up you’re going to have to make a deposit in order to have funds online with which to bet on UFC 202.  Bovada accepts Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin and Rapid Transfer deposits.  Check out the deposit page on for more information.

Also, remember that Bovada offers a 50% up to $250 first deposit bonus.  I suggest taking advantage of this bonus.  It’s just more free money to bet on McGregor vs Diaz.

#3. Place Your McGregor vs Diaz Bets

Do you think you know who’s going to win the rematch between Diaz and McGregor?  Now is the time to prove it.

You can find all of the UFC 202 betting lines at the website by clicking on ‘UFC/MMA’ in the left sidebar.  The UFC 202 lines will be front and center, so just scroll through and find the best you wish to make.

To learn more about the different bets you can make check out our UFC betting section.

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