Mobile betting has become a regular feature at most online sportsbooks and a tool that many bettors now use to place their wagers quickly and conveniently without the need for a computer.

It seems like everyone and their mother has a smart phone these days and the uses for these devices are increasing exponentially every day.  It was only natural that online sportsbooks would provide bettors with an easier and more secure way to place bets on anything using their mobile phones from anywhere in the world.

In recent years it has become more common for bets to be placed via a mobile device than on a computer or laptop.

Specific Mobile Devices

Mobile Betting Benefits

The ability to place bets using mobile devices provides bettors with a ton of convenience and the ability to place wagers while away from the computer.  Here are a few situations where mobile betting can come in handy:

  • At a sporting event…You notice that a key player is shaky or looks injured in warm up.  Profit from this instant information using mobile betting.
  • At the bar…You are grabbing a beer with some buddies and decide you want to make the game a bit more interesting by placing some wagers.  Increase your excitement using mobile betting.
  • In the car…You are in your car and remember that you didn’t place that bet you felt was a sure thing.  Pull over and place the bet using mobile betting.

As you can see there are an endless number of situations where mobile betting can come in handy.  Mobile betting is only going to become more popular so you should have an account with an online sportsbook that provides a great, easy and secure mobile betting app.

Best Mobile Betting Websites

Below are my three favourite online sportsbooks for mobile betting.  These are all trustworthy, reputable sportsbooks that also offer a clean, easy to use mobile compatible website when you visit them through your mobile device.


BetOnline is a leader in the online sports betting industry having been servicing bettors for nearly two decades.  When you log into the BetOnline website through your mobile device you are immediately presented with most popular betting options. You can scroll through the various parts of the site by clicking ‘Sports’, ‘Live’ or ‘Casino’. In the ‘Sports’ section it’s extremely easy to find the betting line that you are looking for and place your wager.

The mobile website at BetOnline is sleek and clean, which is exactly what you come to expect from BetOnline.  Click here to sign up at (use bonus code BOL1000 to receive a 50% sign up bonus up to $1000).  Proceed to make your first deposit, then login to your account through your mobile device to place your bets over your mobile phone.

** is the only one of our recommended sportsbooks for mobile betting that accepts US residents.