NBA Finals Player Prop Bets Odds and Picks

The NBA Finals is now only two days away.  It seems like we’ve been waiting ages after the Cavaliers and Warriors each made quick work of their opponents in the Conference Finals.  At least it’s given us time to really analyze the series and break down, which players could be the difference makers.

Online sportsbook has taken the time to come out with some very cool player prop bets for the series.  They’re currently offering over/unders on various players statistical averages throughout the series, as well as some other cool bets like an over/under on the highest game point total for Stephen Curry in the Finals.  I’m going to go through a few of the bets below, but you should visit and click on ‘NBA Player Props’ under ‘Basketball’ to find the full list of bets that you can make.

NBA Playoffs Bracket 2015

NBA Finals MVP

  • Stephen Curry 5/8
  • Lebron James 17/10
  • Klay Thompson 12/1
  • Kyrie Irving 12/1
  • Draymond Green 14/1
  • JR Smith 30/1

Let’s not kid ourselves.  The NBA Finals MVP is going to be either Steph Curry or Lebron James.  Especially when it comes to Cleveland winning the title, there is not a chance that Lebron isn’t the MVP.  I guess that makes sense when the odds for James to win MVP are the same as the odds of the Cavs winning the series.  It might just be smart to stay away from this bet all together and put your money on which team you think will win the series.

Highest 1 Game Point Total By Stephen Curry

  • Over 34.5 points (-120)
  • Under 34.5 points (-120)

Steph had a 40 point game against the Rockets and 39 & 40 point games against the Pelicans.  But it’s hard to get to 35 points in a game in this league and you can be sure the Cavs will be keying on him hard.  That said, Curry is going to go off at least one game in these finals.

Highest 1 Game Point Total By Lebron James

  • Over 36.5 (-120)
  • Under 36.5 (-120)

With Kyrie Irving still injured every single possession seems to run through James in some way.  He had a 37 point game against the Hawks and a 38 point game against the Bulls, but that said 37 points is extremely difficult to obtain.  I think the smart money is on the under in this one, because James will be distributing a lot throughout this series.

Will Lebron James Record a Triple Double?

  • Yes -110
  • No -130

I think Lebron definitely records a triple double.  He basically needs to for the Cavs to win.  He had an absolute monster triple double with 18 rebounds, 13 assists and 37 points in game 3 against the Hawks and came close in other games as well.  I will be surprised if Lebron doesn’t squeak out a triple double in the Finals.

Average Assists Per Game for Stephen Curry

  • Over 7 (-120)
  • Under 7 (-120)

Curry has only averaged more than 7 assists per game in the first series with the Pelicans.  Against the Grizzlies it was 6.5 assists and against the Rockets it was 5.6.  I think the smart money is on the under here.

Average Assists Per Game for Lebron James

  • Over 8 (-120)
  • Under 8 (-120)

Lebron averaged 9.3 assists against the Hawks, 8.8 against the Bulls and 6.5 against the Celtics.  If Irving misses some games or a decent number of minutes then James will hit the over on this easily.  That said I think Irving will battle through in this series and that will cause Lebron not to have the ball quite so much, which could mean he hits the under here.

I’ve just touched on some of the bets you can currently make at  These same betting options are available for other stats such as rebounds & steals and they are available for all significant players in the series.

Head over to and place your bets now!

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