College football is a way of life for many Americans.  Saturdays in the fall are set aside to bet on college football and watch the rising stars in the game battle it out.  The best place to bet on NCAA football is online at a reputable sportsbook.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On College Football

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How To Bet On College Football Online

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Getting started betting on college football online is quick and easy. If you don’t yet have an online sportsbook account follow the quick step by step guide below to get set up for betting on college football online.

  1. Register an Online Betting Account – Visit any of our three recommended sportsbooks for college football outlined above.  These are all highly regarded and trusted online sportsbooks that accept players from your location.
  2. Fund Your Account – In order to bet on college football for real money you have to get some funds online.  Depositing via a credit card is often considered the easiest method, but crytocurrency and other e-wallet options will also be available.  Contact customer support if you run into any problems.
  3. Bet – Now that you have funds online head over to the “college football betting” section of the sportsbook, sort through the games and place your bets.  Then kick back and watch as the game unfolds.

Types of College Football Bets

Spread Betting

Spread betting is the most common type of college football bet.  This is because in college football there will often be games where there is a huge favorite and in order to even the playing field the spread is used.

The oddsmaker will set a spread amount. Bettors can then bet on whether the favorite will win by more than the spread amount or the underdog will lose by fewer points than the spread (or win outright).

Money Line (To Win)

Moneyline betting is another popular betting option, especially in the games where there isn’t a clear cut favorite.  Moneyline betting is simply wagering on which team will win the game outright.

The odds associated with each outcome will be based on each teams implied chance of winning the game.

Over/Under (Total)

Over/under betting is another type of college football bet that can be made.  It involves wagering on whether there will be more or fewer points scored in the game than the “total” set by the sportsbook.

College Football Betting Odds

The American odds format is most commonly used for betting on college football games.  It is important that you understand the odds in order to know your risk vs reward for the bets that you make.  Let’s take a look at an example of a spread bet using the American odds format:

Missouri +10 (-110)
Texas A&M -10 (-110)

In this example the spread is 10 points and Texas A&M are the favorites.  They are essentially “giving up” 10 points to Missouri to start the game (the -10 can be thought of as you subtract 10 points from Texas A&M or you add 10 points to Missouri (+10) ).  Therefore, Texas A&M must win by 10 or more points, while Missouri must either win or lose by fewer than 10 points.  If the game ends with Texas A&M up 10 then the bet is refunded.  The (-110) indicates the odds in American format.  This means that a $110 bet on either outcome would payout $100.

College Football Bowl Games

Check out any of these pages for specific information on betting on some of the most popular NCAA Bowl Games.

College Football Betting Tips

Here are a couple basic tips to help you turn a profit when you bet on NCAA football this season.  Check out our full 7 college football betting tips page for a more in depth analysis of how to win betting on NCAA football.

  • Research – College football lines are not an exact science.  In fact it is anything but with oddsmakers being forced to compare how teams have fared against other teams in the hopes that those relationships will transfer to the game being played this week.  There are a ton of college football games every week and if you focus on a select few and do some serious research you should be able to find some sharp lines.
  • Compare Lines – It is very important that you find the best line online for the college football game that you intend to bet on.  You will often find that some bookies have different lines for the same game and if you wager at the sportsbook offering the best odds for the outcome you are predicting you can often get an extra 1 or 2 points to help you win your college football wager.

The best college football betting resource online would be ESPN in my opinion. Check it out for up to date scores, injury reports and other news from the world of NCAA football.