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The Winter Olympics only take place once every four years, but in those two weeks they capture the attention of the entire world.  The Winter Olympics are quite a bit smaller than the Summer Olympics, with only 109 events taking place at Beijing 2022, compared to the 339 gold medals that were given out at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo just last year.

The jewel of the Winter Olympics is always the Mens Ice Hockey Tournament.  Unfortunately, the NHL has decided to not allow players to attend the 2022 Olympics in China, due to the coronavirus causing some postponed games, meaning the NHL will need the two weeks in February in order to have a full schedule.  That said, the NHL’s absence should allow some of the other sports to receive more media attention.

The three online sportsbooks we have recommended below offer the widest variety of Winter Olympics betting options available online.  They also offer some great promotions geared towards the Olympics, so I suggest you check out the sites to see what kind of incentives you may get for signing up.  And of course, as with all the sportsbooks promoted here at BetOnIt.org, each of these sportbooks are reputable and trustworthy.

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How To Bet On The Winter Olympics Online

It is very easy to start betting on the Winter Olympics online, but to make it as simple as possible I’ve put together the following quick step by step guide to get you placing bets in no time.

Bet On Winter Olympics: A Step By Step Guide

1. Open an Online Sports Betting Account – Check out the reviews of the sportsbooks listed above and select which one is best for you (a good indicator may be which countries they cater to).  After visiting the website you can proceed to open an account.  This will only take a minute and you will only have to provide basic information such as your name and email address.

2. Fund Your Account – Next you will have to make a deposit in order to have money with which to place bets on the Winter Olympics.  Each sportsbooks accepts a wide variety of payment methods including credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies and more.  I also suggest that you make sure you understand the sportsbook bonus in order to get the best bang for your buck (many bookies match first deposits up to a certain amount).

3. Place Your Winter Olympics Bets – Now it’s time to bet.  Head over to the ‘Olympics’ betting section of the site and select the event that you wish to bet on.  Place your wager and watch your athlete take home the gold.

Winter Olympics Events

As mentioned earlier there are 109 events that will be awarding gold medals at the 2022 Olympics.  These 109 medals are spread over 15 sports:

  • Alpine Skiing (11)
  • Biathlon (11)
  • Bobsleigh (4)
  • Cross-country skiing (12)
  • Curling (3)
  • Figure skating (5)
  • Freestyle skiing (13)
  • Ice hockey (2)
  • Luge (4)
  • Nordic combined (3)
  • Short track speed skating (9)
  • Skeleton (2)
  • Ski jumping (5)
  • Snowboarding (11)
  • Speed skating (14)

The ice hockey and curling only award 5 medals total, but these are two of the sports that nations take the most pride in.

Winter Olympics Betting Tips

Here are a couple tips that should help you have a profitable 2022 Winter Olympics betting experience:

  • Research The Events – You will likely be able to find some sharp lines if you do your research.  This especially applies to the lesser known events.  The oddsmakers will only be providing odds on events like luge or snowboarding once every four years, which means there is a great chance the oddsmakers will make mistakes that you can capitalize on.
  • Compare Odds – Because the oddsmakers don’t really know what the odds should start at for some of these events you will often find different sportsbooks opening with very different betting lines.  This means you should definitely be comparing lines in order to get your money in with the sportsbook that is paying the most on your expected winner.

Check out our general betting tips page for more basic tips that will still apply to the Winter Olympics.