Rugby Betting

Rugby is a very popular sport in many countries around the world and there is almost always a rugby event that can be bet on throughout the year.  Online sportsbooks are currently the best place to bet on rugby because they offer the greatest number of betting options and odds, as well as sign up bonuses and promotions that add value for the bettor.  Check below to see our three recommended online sportsbooks for betting on rugby.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting On Rugby

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How To Bet On Rugby Online

  1. Open a Sports Betting Account – To start betting on rugby online you will need to first open an online sports betting account at one of the sportsbooks we have recommended above.  Do so by clicking on any of the links in the table above and filling out a registration form at the site you select.  Opening an account should only take a few minutes and you will only need to provide basic information such as your name and email address.
  2. Deposit – After you have created your account you will need to make a deposit in order to have funds to wager with online.  There are many deposit methods to choose from including credit cards, bitcoin, bank transfers or e-wallet options.
  3. Place Your Rugby Bets – Once you have money online, simply head over to the rugby betting section of the sportsbook and place your rugby wagers!

Types of Rugby Bets

The type of rugby bets you will find are very similar to the football bets you will find because the scoring is very similar in both sports.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a popular form of rugby bet, especially between teams where the skill level varies significantly.  A spread bet involves the underdog team being given a point handicap.  A spread bet on the favored team wins if the favorite covers the spread, while a spread bet on the underdog pays out if the underdog either wins outright or loses by less than the spread amount.  Here is an example:

  • France -4.5 (1.91)
  • England +4.5 (1.91)

In this example France is favored by 4.5 points over England.  A $100 bet on France wins $90 if France beats England by 5 or more points.  A $100 bet on England wins $90 if England either wins outright or loses by 4 or fewer points.

Money Line Betting

Money line betting involves wagering on which team will win the game outright.  Let’s continue with the same example:

  • France 1.53
  • Tie 19.00
  • England 2.50

In this example, a $100 bet on France wins $53 if France pulls out the win, while a $100 bet on England wins $150 if England pulls off the upset.  There is also the possibility of a tie, in which case a $100 bet on a tie pays out $1900.

Futures Betting

You will also find a lot of futures betting for rugby because there are several different leagues and international competitions that take place every year.  You can wager on the winner of any of these leagues or tournaments throughout the year.

Specific Rugby Betting

To learn more about rugby check out the rugby wikipedia page.