World Cup Winner Odds and Picks at Start of Quarterfinals

World Cup LogoThe 2014 World Cup is now down to 8 teams vying for the title of World Champions.  In the round of 16 the favourites won each of the 8 matches which leaves a very strong final 8.  Most would agree that any of these 8 remaining teams, perhaps with the omission of Costa Rica, have a very realistic chance of winning the 2014 World Cup.  In fact, the 7 teams remaining that do not include Costa Rica were among the 10 favourites to win the World Cup this year based on odds from April.  The three teams in that group of 10 that haven’t qualified for the quarterfinals include Spain, Italy and Uruguay.

The odds have changed a lot since April though, so let’s check out the oddsmakers thoughts on which teams have the best chances to win 3 more games and the World Cup title.

World Cup Winner Odds At Quarterfinals

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  • Brazil +295
  • Argentina +450
  • Germany +490
  • Netherlands +510
  • France +810
  • Colombia +1325
  • Belgium +1375
  • Costa Rica +7800

Check out to see how the odds have changed since before the round of 16.

The big three of Brazil, Argentina and Germany are still the front runners, but the Netherlands is very close behind due to their seemingly easy quarterfinal against the Costa Ricans.  After this bunch of four it then looks like France, Colombia and Belgium are being given a shot, but Costa Rica at +7800 are still being overlooked.  A funny fact about Costa Rica is that they had the longest odds of all 32 teams to start the tournament and now they find themselves in the quarterfinals.

My Picks

First of all I’m going to eliminate Brazil at +295.  I haven’t seen them play a complete strong game yet in this tournament and it showed against Chile that they aren’t heads and shoulders above the competition like some people believed.  I don’t see them winning 3 games in a row and I actually think Colombia will take them out in the quarters.

Argentina I also see going out in the quarters to Belgium.  Belgium looked very good against the States and I think they will continue to up their level of play against Argentina.

Germany hasn’t been dominant yet either and with some of their players feeling ill I’m not sure they are a good bet either.

Holland’s odds jumped from +830 before the Mexico game to +510 now.  That is quite a shortening and I think people may be looking past Costa Rica.  I don’t think the Dutch are a strong bet at +510, but that’s not to say I don’t think they could win the tournament.

My favourite bets are Colombia at +1325 and Belgium at +1375.  Both of these teams have the ability to beat Brazil or Argentina and when they do that their odds will shorten tremendously.  Get on these two nations now because Brazil and Argentina are overvalued at the moment and it’s affecting these odds.

My Picks: Colombia +1325 and Belgium +1375 @

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