Bet On 2012 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championship Tournament

2012 NCAA Mens Lacrosse BettingIt may not be quite as main stream as March Madness, but for lacrosse fans the 2012 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championship will be just as important and exciting.  The 16-team field is set and the first round action begins this weekend with all games televised on various ESPN stations.

NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championship Betting Options

Your first option for betting on the 2012 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championship is to wager on which team will win the entire tournament.  I’ve included the for the tournament winner below. was the only sportsbooks I could find that offered the tournament winner odds:

  • Loyola MD +450
  • Massachusetts +450
  • Duke +600
  • Lehigh +750
  • Virginia +800
  • John Hopkins +800
  • Notre Dame +850
  • North Carolina +1300
  • Colgate +1400
  • Princeton +1400
  • Maryland +1700
  • Yale +2000
  • Denver +2500
  • Syracuse +3500
  • Stony Brook +12500
  • Canisius +25000

As you can see Loyala MD and Massachusetts are the two favorites to win the tournament. It is interesting to see that Massachusetts are favorites even though they are the #6 seed in the tournament and that Massachusetts and Duke are the #2 and #3 favorites even though they are set to meet in the second round. The full bracket can be seen here.

You can also bet on the individual games throughout the tournament.  Both and are providing spread, money line and over/under bets on every game throughout the tournament.  I suggest you check out both bookies to compare odds because the odds vary dramatically between sportsbooks.  For example: has Syracuse +270 vs Duke -390, while has Syracuse +375 vs Duke -500.  If you are betting on Syracuse it would be smarter to do so at BetOnline, while if you are betting on Duke it would be advantageous to do so at Duke.  From scanning the odds this is not the only game where the odds vary dramatically between bookies.

How To Bet On 2012 NCAA Mens Lacrosse

As mentioned earlier I suggest you visit both and to compare odds before placing your bets on the 2012 NCAA Lacrosse Championships.  In order to see the odds at you will need to open an account, but at you can see the odds without registering.

To bet on the tournament you will need to open an account at one of the sportsbooks and I suggest you at least open a account because they typically have the best odds and they offer the tournament winner lines, which BetOnline does not.  Visit and open an account by clicking on the blue “register today” button in the right sidebar.  Creating an account only takes a few minutes and you will only have to provide basic information.

Next you will have to fund your account in order to place bets.  Do so by heading over to the “cashier” section of the website after you are logged in and selecting one of the many deposit methods.  It is also important to note that if you use 5Dimes marketing code AF0002879 you will receive a bonus of up to $520, but the bonus amount is determined by the size of your deposit.

After you have made your deposit you are ready to bet!  The lacrosse odds can be found under the “other sports” section of the sportsbook.

The 2012 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championships will be very exciting, but that excitement can increase if you place bets on the games.  To learn more about the tournament visit the NCAA Mens Lacrosse official site.

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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