Bet On 2014 NFL Divisional Standings Position – Odds and Preview

The NFL regular season starts in just over a month and things are starting to heat up in terms of the NFL futures betting lines.  One interesting bet that is offering is wagering on which place each team will finish in their respective division.  Each division in the NFL is home to 4 NFL teams, so this prop bet allows you to bet on whether each team will finish 1st through 4th.

I’m going to look at a few teams that I follow more than others and give my predictions.  This will also give you a better understanding of just what this prop bet is offering.

To see the odds for each of the 32 teams visit  You will find this prop by clicking on ‘Futures & Props’ at the bottom of the sportsbook menu, followed by ‘NFL Final Standings’.

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Cleveland Browns

  • Browns Logo1st +650
  • 2nd +350
  • 3rd +300
  • 4th -110

The Browns have a ton of hype coming into the season thanks to having drafted Johnny Manziel in the draft earlier in the summer.  The media simply loves Johnny and this has put a lot of eyes on the Browns training camp so far this summer.  The Browns are in a strong AFC North division that includes the Bengals, Steelers and Ravens.  These are all teams that have been very solid over the past few years.  It’s been since 2010 that the Browns didn’t finish last in the division and that year it was the Bengals who went 4-12 to claim the worst record.  The Bengals are now probably the best team in the division and the Ravens and Steelers are always competitive.  I think the smart money has to be on the Browns finishing 4th in this division again, even with some of their roster shake ups.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Colts Logo1st -170
  • 2nd +220
  • 3rd +600
  • 4th +1600

Another year in the pocket for Andrew Luck has to mean good things for the Colts.  They could be ready to take that next step and the fact that they are in one of the weaker divisions in the NFL definitely helps as well.  I expect the Colts to easily win the AFC South and once again get back into the playoffs and then seeing how far Luck can take them.

Washington Redskins

  • Redskins Logo1st +350
  • 2nd +250
  • 3rd +220
  • 4th +225

The Redskins finished a horrible 3-13 last season for last in the division, but it was just two years ago that they ended the season with 7 wins to claim top spot in the NFC East with a 10-6 record.  A lot of their success will rest on the shoulders of Robert Griffin III and he simply was bad last year.  I think another off season will help him regain confidence in his knee and if he plays like he can Washington could surprise in this division.  This is probably the most even division from top to bottom in the NFL with any team really having some shot of winning the division.  That said I think at +350 the Redskins are a good bet.

Seattle Seahawks

  • Seattle Seahawks1st +110
  • 2nd +160
  • 3rd +450
  • 4th +1100

The defending Super Bowl Champs are in a division that has gone from being laughable as the NFL’s worst to now one of the most competitive divisions in the league.  Their rivals the 49ers won the division last year by a half game, but Seattle got the last laugh in the playoffs.  The Rams and Cardinals are not push overs, but winning this division will come down to either Seattle or San Francisco.  I think it’s really a toss up and for this reason the +160 odds to finish the division in second look good to me.

This article looked at only 4 of the higher profile teams for the upcoming season. has odds available for every single NFL team.

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